A Farm Made $68,000 In Pandemic By Offering Zoom Calls With Goats

One farm in Lancashire, England is earning £50,000 ($68,000) since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic by providing Zoom calls with goats. What an unusual way to make money!

For £5 ($6.8) people can book a video call with any of the farm’s eleven goats. The money-spinning scheme has raised a total of £50,000 ($68,000)for the farm so far.

This started as a joke. I came up with the idea, told my employee Emma and we agreed it was completely wacky and we should prioritize other money-making ideas.” Dot McCarthy(the owner of the farm) told Farming Uk.

McCarthy took over the farm from her mother in 2016. She had a business plan that involved using the property for educational trips, weddings, and accommodation. But her plan failed due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

I put it on the website that evening anyway along with Emma’s email address for bookings. I woke up, I had loads of missed calls from Emma saying she’d been inundated with emails and couldn’t keep up with the demand for goat calls.”

McCarthy said that the farm was bombarded with the bookings for conference calls as customers loved the idea to host a goat in their Zoom meetings or the business conference calls, with “perfect pout”

Each available goat comes with a description of what customers can expect from them over the call. She revealed the experiment has proven very profitable with customers coming from a variety of backgrounds.

“We’ve had everyone from the European management team of Facebook, to NHS staff in need of a cheer up, to virtual church services – the vicars always seem to choose Mary the goat and I am pleased to say we have made over 50k so far.”

After all goats are cute, they surely can make your day!

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