An Introvert’s Paradise – ‘World’s Loneliest House’ Has Been Empty For More Than 100 Years

An Introvert's Paradise - ‘World’s Loneliest House’ Has Been Empty For More Than 100 Years FI (1)

A tiny white house on the island of Elliðaey, a remote island south of Iceland, has been the talk of the internet lately. It’s called as ‘world’s loneliest house’ as it has been empty for more than 100 years.

World’s Loneliest House

But being the only building on the deserted island, it has attracted several rumors. One of them includes that this house was built by a billionaire who planned to move to a remote island in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Some believe that it was donated to the famous Icelandic singer Bjork.

But alas, none of them are true.

While it does look amazing and can be an introvert’s paradise, it’s actually not in a great state. The picturesque site that’s completely exposed was home to a handful of families. It was used for hunting and cattle rearing.

World’s Loneliest House

In the 1930s, however, a few remaining residents moved to the mainland in search of a better life. Since then, the house and the remote island have been completely deserted.

The white house is actually a lodge constructed by the Elliðaey Hunting Association on the island, which is populated with flocks of puffin. The puffin feast on the abundant supply of fish in the waters below.

house thats empty

To make hunting trips easier, the group built the house as a base. But the best part of the house is that it features a sauna fed from a rainwater collection system.

Unfortunately, there is no electricity, running water, or indoor plumbing. (Yeah, that’s problematic) But the stunning views of the island can make up for that.

While it may be quite impressive, the island is listed as a nature reserve and protected area. It is a major nesting area for storm petrels and other sea birds.

Would you like to a spend a month here, alone?

Image credits: Mirror UK

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