15 Photos That Show Work From Home With Pets Is An Entirely Different Story

funny picture of working from home with pets

With more people working remotely, people with pets have something entirely different to deal with: their adorably cute pets. While work from home comes with its whole lot of distractions, ever wondered how it’d be if your attention is swooned by a pair of puppy eyes?

People with pets share their experience of working from home, and we have to admit, we’d take these pooches and meows over any colleague at work!

#1 Dude, you’ve got a few typos in there!

#2 Oh, so this is what keeps you away all day?

#3 Work’s fine, but let us focus on what’s important, me!

#4 I am the screensaver you should be looking at!

#5 The ‘Best Intern of the Day’ award goes to…

#6 Dude, you’ve got to plan better.

#7 The work police is here!

#8 Who’s the nosy boss here?

#9 What do you mean I can’t finish the presentation?

#10 Here’s the coworker of your dreams!

#11 Let me be your Grammarly!

#12 Who needs a break?

#13 Admin, there’s a chair on my cat.

#14 Who wants to be micromanaged?

#15 Oh, would you just take a coffee break?

Another one, because we just cannot get enough of these!

Do you have an adorable pet that’s making work from home totally worth it for you? Share your pictures and let us know!