Wizard of Oz Hotel Will Transport You To A World Of Fantasy


I shall take the heart. For brains do not make one happy, and happiness is the best thing in the world” – Tin Man. Who doesn’t love traveling? Going on vacation? And if you are planning for one then you should definitely check out this ‘Wizard of Oz’ hotel. For the fans, it will bring your fantasy to real life.


If you are a fan of ‘Wizard of Oz‘ then you need to visit ‘The Roxbury Motel.’ Also known as “The Wizard of Emeralds” room, it is decorated completely in Oz fashion (from floor to ceiling)

the living room

A room complete with those glittering emerald bedding, a real-life yellow brick road, and they even have poppies mural in the bathroom. Located in New York, this hotel is known for its specialization in providing one-of-a-kind experience.

Bathroom in the themed hotel room

Their theme rooms nail the details with perfection. “The goal is to shy away from the typical modern hotel minimalism into a sort of maximalism.”

According to their website, “As long as cleanliness and comfort are never neglected and there is always a nod to elegance and quality, we have learned that, like us, most people are hungry for something different. Something unique. Something not taupe.”

Wizard of oz hotel - wall size painting

The room also features a king-size bed, a wall-size painting of the Emerald City, and ruby red slippers! You can play the role of Dorothy who is in the land of Oz.

The hotel room is known for bringing the fantasy in the real life

Additionally, the real-life like yellow brick road on the floor leads through the center of the room.

The hotel also mentions, “It’s not way above the chimney tops, but your troubles will melt like lemon drops in this room. Yes, folks, a yellow brick road goes right through the center of the room (next to the king-size bed and sofa bed) until it joins into a wall-size painting of our version of the Emerald City.”

Wizard of oz themed hotel room

Image credits – The Roxbury

The Wizard of Oz hotel room is generally priced between $182 to $275 per night if you are planning to visit. What do you think of it?