This Guy Takes Photos Of Him Having Funny Interactions With Tiny Super Hero Toys

Anything is possible through a little photography trick. Photoshop can do magic and can turn a simple photograph into a fantastic creation. Using tricks like forced perspective can make things change in scale, transforming them into larger or smaller versions of themselves. Wire Hon, a Malaysian toy collector, used forced perspective and has made various DC and Marvel superheroes look as tall as him in his photos. He has cast various superheroes like The Hulk, Batman, Superman, Deadpool, and Black Widow in his portraits. Here’s how his photos look…

Wire Hon makes action figure toys look much larger than they actually are


How it looks behind the shot

Wire Hon Setting up his photo set

And how the shot turns out to be…


The images shows the super heroes doing the tasks around the house

Super heroes doing houslehold tasks
Hulk doing house hold chores
Iron man and hulk carrying bike
Hulk toy

Here is a funny image of Superman and his wife…


And his son is in the photos too!

Playing fight with superhero

Spiderman clicking photos


And here is a family photo

Family photo with super heroes

It might look like Hon uses special equipment to click these amazing photos, but the process is much more low-tech than that. He simply uses his smartphone and strategic angles to create the illusion. Be sure to follow along with more of Hon and his superhero antics on Instagram.

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