Wildlife Photographer Captures The Sight Of Pure Love In the Animal Kingdom

It is true. The idea of “love” is universal, transcendental, and defies norms. It supersedes culture and time as well. It’s safe to say that love and affection aren’t exclusive to humans. To prove just that, Macedonian wildlife photographer Goran Anastasovski has spent 15 years capturing love in the animal kingdom to share these touching instances with us.

wildlife photographer

The wildlife photographer’s images feature animals from all around the world. These animals include deer, monkeys, wolves, lynxes, and giraffes, to name a few.

wildlife photographer

“My idea for photographing animals is to show people the beauty of animals and to show that animals have character and show love even more than people,” Anastasovski told My Modern Met in an interview.

“Animal photography is my greatest passion and if I could make at least one person care a little bit more about the animals, my goal will be achieved.”

wildlife photographer
wildlife photographer
deer - wildlife photographer
mountain goat

The wildlife photographer caught the birds forming what looks like a heart!

deer wildlife photographer

Image Source – Goran Anastasovski: Website | Instagram

Anastovski’s photographs have been published on numerous platforms, such as BBCForbes, National Geographic, and Telegraph.

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