White House’s Future First Dog Major Biden Is Getting A Virtual ‘Indoguration’

Major Champ Indoguration

White House is all set to welcome its first pooch after the last after 4 years! After Donald Trump’s pet-free tenure, Joe Biden‘s rescue dog, Major, and Champ are all set to make it to their next house. And Major Biden is getting honored by the shelter he came from.

Major is a German shepherd, in 2018 from the Delaware Humane Association (DHA). The shelter and Pumpkin Pet Insurance are now hosting a virtual event to celebrate the first shelter dog in the White House. The shelter is calling it the “largest virtual party for dogs.”

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The ‘indogeration’ is all set to take January 17 , three days before the inauguration, will be hosted by Jill Martin of NBC’s “Today.”. You are required to make a $10 minimum donation to join the Zoom event and all proceeds go to the DHA.

This is not the first time a rescue dog is staying at the White House. Lyndon B. Johnson, the 36th President of the US, also had a dog named Yuki who was found by his daughter at a Texas gas station on Thanksgiving in 1966.