15 Things Under $20 On Walmart That Are Too Good To Miss

walmart under 20 dollars

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These won’t cost you much but will definitely go a long way!

1. A bamboo foldable laptop desk for days when work from home turns into a work from the bed itself situation.

bamboo foldable laptop desk

Buy for $19.99

2. This vegetable cutter to slice your veggies like a pro.

vegetable cutter

Buy for $7.47

3. A pair of breathable high waist yoga pants that are too good for you and your smartphone!

breathable high waist yoga pants

Buy for $19.99

4. A relaxing sound machine to give you a calming, soothing white noise for days when you’re too tired to fall asleep.

relaxing sound machine

Buy for $19.50

5. A UV sanitizing wand because that’s all the magic you would need in 2020, and maybe the future.

under 20 dollars , UV sanitizing wand

Buy for $19.86

6. A popcorn maker to compliment your weekend movie nights at home, that pops up 16-cups of healthy, air-popped popcorn per batch

popcorn maker

Buy for $17.99

7. An over the counter plastic bag holder to declutter your kitchen/pantry shelves.

under 20 dollars, plastic bag holder

Buy for $10.99

8. An all-in-one salad spinner that comes with a clear bottom basket that doubles as a serving bowl and a green basket that doubles as a colander.

all-in-one salad spinner

Buy for $19.97

9. A folding dish rack set, perfect for kitchen counters that are small and cluttered.

under 20 dollars , folding dish rack set

Buy for $13.22

10. A wooden serving tray with gold handles that looks straight out of a Parisian kitchen.

wooden serving tray

Buy for $19.94

11. An adjustable footrest to make sure your legs and feet are positioned comfortably while you work or while sitting at home.

adjustable footrest

Buy for $19.99

12. A monitor stand that comes with a mesh organizer to make sure you don’t slouch at work with neck and back pains.

under 20 dollars , monitor stand that comes with a mesh organizer

Buy for $19.99

13. A pair of pizza scissors so that there are no more “who got the bigger slice” wars with your friends or siblings.

pair of pizza scissors

Buy for $9.97

14. S’well’s stainless steel water bottle will never touch this price ever again.

under 20 dollars , stainless steel water bottle

Buy for $19.03

15. A portable, parachute hammock perfect for spending summers outdoors.

under 20 dollars, parachute hammock

Buy for $16.99

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