Meet Wallace, The Dog Who Hugs Every Friend He Meets On His Walks

If you’ve ever seen a puppy hug, you know how adorable it is! Here is one such pup who has loads of hugs to give, and why not.

During these hard times, Wallace knows exactly what will cheer us up–– seeing Wallace hug his friends. whenever this adorable corgi is out for a walk and happens to meet his friends, he greets them with a hug.

Also, he’s got a unique and distinctly defining feature–– a heart-shaped mark on his nose.

Happy Wallace

Wallace loves to greet his friends with a warm hug.

Wallace hugging

To Wallace, it doesn’t matter if the dog is bigger or smaller. If the other dog is smaller than him, Wallace tries his best not to scare them. When it comes to larger ones, Wallace gallantly comes up to them, stands up on his hind legs, and gives them a tight warm hug.

And before hugging, he makes sure if his friends are okay with it by sniffing them first. What a true gentleman!

dog hugging

And if his friends are not okay with it, (as few dogs do not like hugging) Wallace kisses them instead of hugging.

He is just a little dog spreading happiness…

Pup hugging

It looks like hugging is Wallace’s thing…

Wallace and his owner

Image credits: Instagram

Seeing this adorable pup hugging his friends made our day!

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