30 Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $50 That Are Totally Worth Every Penny

The day of love is approaching sooner than you think. Have you gotten a Valentine’s day gift for your boo yet? If not, what are you waiting for! These 30 gifts under $50 are definitely something you want to look at before selecting something for them.

1. Chop Sabers Light Up LightSaber Chopsticks

Chop Sabers Light Up LightSaber Chopsticks


If he’s a Star Wars fan, there are no two ways about this! You gotta get him these Light Saber chopsticks. He’s going to absolutely love them especially if he likes ramen.

Customer Review:
“I told my partner I bought these for my nephews and now he can’t put them down! Bright enough to see what you’re eating whilst sitting with the lights off during a star wars movie marathon l. Great for kids and adults!”

Buy for $11.97

2. Snow Cone Machine

Snow Cone Machine


The perfect gift does not exi-

Customer Review:
“When I bought it, I only hoped it would make the shaved ice I love without crunchy bits in it. I did not expect it to do so, but bought it anyhow for at least small ice. It turns out, it really does make great shaved ice that is not crunchy. The ice is delightfully like snow. “

Buy for $39.99 ($59.95)

3. Gourmet Peanut Butter Cups

Gourmet Peanut Butter Cups

Uncommon Goods

Here’s another delicious winner for a yummy Valentine’s Day gift for your partner. We know how everyone gifts their partner traditional chocolate sets, so how about you go off the beaten track with this cups?

Buy for $30

4. Wekapo Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa Hammock-Portable

Wekapo Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa Hammock-Portable


How cool is this fun beach inflatable hammock? Some would think this is a gag gift, we say if you’re a couple that likes to have a gala-time and gives each other interestingly fun gifts, this one does it!

Customer Review:
“I spent half a weekend snuggled up in this thing at a music festival and it was amazing. Too much head banging on Friday left my neck broken, so I spent the entirety of Saturday taking it easy and this thing is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made awesome and so comfy but it deflated quickly. I am hoping there it is simply a hole or defect because I really think I would enjoy it if it stayed inflated for more than 10 minutes.”

Buy for $38.98

5. 600 Photo Picture Album Memo

600 Photo Picture Album Memo


How about you go down memory lane with this cool photo album, have it customized with you and your partner’s pictures? It’ll be like reliving all the best moments at one glance. It’s thoughtful and worth it.

Customer Review:
“This is a large, beautiful album. The outside cover is very nice quality. “

Buy for $26.99

6. Betsey Johnson “Cubic Zirconia Critter” Earrings

Betsey Johnson "Cubic Zirconia Critter" Earrings


Betsy Johnson does it yet again with this beautiful set of dragonfly earrings. Looking to gift your girl a unique piece of jewelry? This mismatched set is something she’d like.

Customer Review:
“I love these earrings. They aren’t as big as I thought they would be, but that is okay. The stone colors are bright and they are lightweight.”

Buy for $45.00

7. Viking Stainless Steel Skull Coffee Mug

Viking Stainless Steel Skull Coffee Mug


Whether it’s coffee or beer, let your man enjoy having his beverages and drinks like a true Viking. How kick*** does this skull. mug look?

Customer Review:
“Awakeneth thine inner bad @$$ whilst thou chuggeth caffeine rich elixir from this mug and slay the day… The mug I received has a heavy weight to it and is fairly good quality. The stainless metal insert is slightly crooked and just a bit higher at the back of the mug compared with the front”

Buy for $18.99 ($19.99)

8. 3D Illusion Star Wars Night Lights

3D Illusion Star Wars Night Lights


Not something y’all might want to buy for your guys, but it’s definitely a statement piece. You could gift him this 3D Star Wars night light and totally win his heart. So what’s it gonna be?

Customer Review:
“This is the COOLEST! Both my son and I are big Star Wars fans and when he saw this light he immediately confiscated it and I had to order a new one but I didn’t mind, it’s that cool! “

Buy for $23.99

9. Scented Candles Gift Set

Scented Candles Gift Set


And of course you could never go wrong with a lovely candle set. One for your bathroom, for the bedroom, the living room and the kitchen. You’re all set!

Customer Review:
“They smell amazing I chose classic one and i love it, and price it’s good. I use to do yoga so they are relaxing me, lavender one it’s amazing”

Buy for $19.99

10. Coffee or Tea Mug For Him

Coffee or Tea Mug For Him


Looking for something non-fussy, clean and simple that he is sure to like? This coffee mug is where it’s at! It’s made up of ceramic so you know it’s sturdy.

Customer Review:
“Love this! My cat broke my husband’s other coffee mug so I took a chance and ordered this one, he loves it!!”

Buy for $25.00

11. Cool Water By Davidoff For Men

Cool Water By Davidoff For Men


Speaking of something that you can never go wrong with, this Cool Water perfume is versatile and will suit anybody. It’ll have your man smelling oh-so-fine. The best part is that it’s available at an unbelievable discount now!

Customer Review:
” I have been using it ever since. I have tried other more expensive brands, but always find my way back to Davidoff Cool Water. You can use it day, night, winter or summer. Just a great, clean, fresh scent. I absolutely love it. “

Buy for $20.09 ($70.00)

12. Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker


Breakfast for two coming right up, thanks to this yummy sandwich maker. Now, you guys won’t have to wait to make one after the other when you can make two at once.

Customer Review:
“I can make two english muffin or frozen pancake breakfast sandwiches, eat them, drink a coffee, and clean up in under 15 minutes start to finish. “

Buy for $39.99

13. Women’s Plush Soft Warm Fleece Bathrobe

Women's Plush Soft Warm Fleece Bathrobe


She deserves to relax and unwind. Get her this soft and comfy bathrobe so that she can just have a good time and be transported to heavenly softness.

Customer Review:
“I LOVE this robe. It’s super soft and lightweight, but warm. I love the fact that even if you’re still damp, you don’t get fuzzies from the robe stuck to you. Love the robe!”

Buy for $44.99

14. La Reveuse Smoothies Blender Personal Size

La Reveuse Smoothies Blender Personal Size


If your partner loves having smoothies every morning or as a snack, this smoothie blender makes for a really thoughtful gift!

Customer Review:
” I was surprised that this little blender has so much power for its size! I gifted it to my son and daughter-in-law who didn’t have a blender at all. They were thrilled and right away started making smoothies, drinks, and even sauces from their homegrown pepper garden.”

Buy for $20.99

15. Mermaid Tail Blanket

Mermaid Tail Blanket


Here’s another cuddly item for your girl if her feet are always cold but wearing a blanket all the time is damn annoying. We gotchya! This one’s great for a Valentine’s Day gift.

Customer Review:
“Beautifully made and keeps me very warm, very happy with my purchase”

Buy for $21.99

16. Wrangler Authentics Long Men’s Sleeve Quilted Lined Flannel Jacket

Wrangler Authentics Long Men's Sleeve Quilted Lined Flannel Jacket


Looking for a Valentine’s Day gift? We got something that’ll make your man look dapper and oh-so-fine!

Customer Review:
“I ordered this lined flannel jacket with hoodie is the “Total Eclipse With Heather Gray Hood” color and size large, as gift for my husband to keep him warm during the cold months ahead. He’s 5’10, 175 pounds and likes to buy alot of flannel lined shirts in XL to wear like a jacket, which is cool for the need to layer clothes perspective”

Buy for $24.17 – $47.70 (depends on size and color)

17. Kitchen Gadget Set Copper Coated Stainless Steel Utensils

Kitchen Gadget Set Copper Coated Stainless Steel Utensils


How absolutely gorgeous are these kitchen tools? If your partner loves cooking and making delicious meals for date night, the least you could do is get them these aesthetic tools to make their experience much better while cooking.

Customer Review:
“I got these kitchen tools specifically for the colors and I love them and how they work. This was a great addition to the kitchen.”

Buy for $26.59 ($31.29)

18. Heart Initial Bracelets for Women

Heart Initial Bracelets for Women


Here’s a piece of jewelry that is dainty, romantic and something that’d she’d love to be able to wear everyday.

Customer Review:
“This is a beautiful and very sturdy bracelet. I got this bracelet with my husbands initial because he is sick, needing a lung transplant so I got the initial to always have a piece of him with me. It will not oxidize or tarnish. It has lasted me through swimming and washing dishes. Still looks new.”

Buy for $12.98 

19. Werkzeug Tactical Pen (10-in-1), Gifts for Men

Werkzeug Tactical Pen (10-in-1), Gifts for Men


Is your man a fan of fixing things all by himself? If your answer is yes, then this tactical tool-pen is a God send. It has a 10-in-1 function and has everything from a pen, to a cutter, to a screwdriver to anything he’d ever need.

Customer Review:
“This pen was incredible it has all sorts of attachments and it does a lot and I do mean a lot of stuff. The best feature for me is the screwdriver one and it is build super sturdy as well.”

Buy for $23.99 ($26.99)

20. Hanes Mens Pullover Ecosmart Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt

Hanes Mens Pullover Ecosmart Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt


There’s a reason why this sweatshirt is one of the best sellers right now. It’s comfortable, has value for money and will keep your guy warm. Choose red to gift him this hoodie on Valentine’s Day. Simple and effective.

Customer Review:
“Just received the hoodie in the mail. Sleeve length is great, I also love the cuffs on the sleeves, very snug on my wrists which I like. The width of the hoodie in the body is also really nice (large size)”

Buy for $12.00 – $41.48 (depends on size and color)

21. Women’s Relaxed Fit French Terry Fleece Jogger Sweatpants

Women's Relaxed Fit French Terry Fleece Jogger Sweatpants


There’s nothing more comfortable than lying around in a pair of sweats. Get you girl a pair, two or more this Valentine’s Day and see the biggest smile on her face.

Customer Review:
“I LOVE these. They’re super thick and cozy – they feel fleece lined – and cute. Slim fit but they are true to size if not a little big – I’m a 12/14 pant, 5’8″ and the large has extra room and is actually long enough. If they hold up after washing & drying I’m snatching up more colors.”

Buy for $20.90 – $23.66 (depends on size and color)

Fresh Baked Cookie Pies

Uncommon Goods

Freshly baked cookie pies, are you kidding me? You’re definitely headed for the win with some brownie points on this one. It’s like two amazing things in one. The best part? The both of you can share this delicious treat on Valentine’s Day.

Buy for $30.00

23. Ceramic Stem Wine Goblet

Ceramic Stem Wine Goblet

Uncommon Goods

For if your partner is a wine connoisseur, these vintage looking wine goblets make for the perfect Valentine’s day gift for them. The stem of these glasses are so unique.

Buy for $30.00

24. Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

Uncommon Goods

Does he or she love spicy food? Then oh-hot-damn is this one of the coolest Valentine’s Day gift’s you could get them. This is a lil more on the thoughtful side because they make their own full-bodied hot sauce. They could do so with the help of this DIY kit that offers you a kick from chipotle and guajillo peppers. Cool isn’t it? Or should we say hot.

Customer Review:
“Awesome gift to spice up our stay-at-home time. Hot sauces were tasty and fun to make! #sweepstakes”

Buy for $40.00

25. Bubble Tea Kit

Bubble Tea Kit

Uncommon Goods

To fizzle out the spice, we have a recommendation of this cute bubble tea kit. Looking for something different this Valentine’s Day? Well this is it.

Customer Review:
“My daughter and her friends loved it. At first they were skeptical, but the boiled the boba and made the drinks; they told me they were shocked at how good it was! They’ve asked for me to buy this again!”

Buy for $38.00

26. Orbits Eye Stones

Orbits Eye Stones

Uncommon Goods

This makes for a lovely Valentine’s Day gift if your partner has long working hours or night shifts. They can come home, relax and place these stones on their eyes for instant relief.

Customer Review:
“These stones are an excellent addition to my bag of holistic hacks. When you don’t have slices of cucumbers for your eyes…enter: Orbits Eye Stones. I use these to soothe tired eyes. After a session, my eyes just feel restored and refreshed. I also use these when I meditate to add to the experience. It’s very calming, relaxing, and grounding.”

Buy for $20.00

27. Edibles Cookbook

Edibles Cookbook

Uncommon Goods

Pssssst! Did someone say edibles? This cookbook has a range of 30 delectable recipes for sweet and savory treats, coupled with gorgeous photos and in-depth dosage information. You and your partner can enjoy this together.

Customer Review:
“I gave this as a gift to my best friend, a master baker! I wanted to keep it for myself from the very minute I laid eyes on it. I peeked through the book and wow! Amazing recipes, funny and well-written, informative, gourmet aesthetic, and full of original and approachable ideas. My friend keeps the book out on display and loves it! This is a great concept – ahead of it’s time.”

Buy for $19.95

28. Raw Birthstone Studs


Uncommon Goods

If you want to go down the jewelery lane this Valentine’s day, this raw birthstone set of studs is so unique and gorgeous. We’re sure your partner will adore it.

Customer Review:
“I love these because they are dainty, but they are also a little bit rustic. They’re well made and gorgeous. I love that they are hand made in the US, too!”

Buy for $48.00

29. Why Choose? 8 Flavor Chocolate Bar

Why Choose? 8 Flavor Chocolate Bar

Uncommon Goods

This is the last edible gift in the list, we promise. But this one’s rather unique. Each chocolate piece is a different flavour. If your partner is a fan of chocolates, they’re sure to love these.

Customer Review:
“This is the perfect end-of-day indulgence especially since you can have a different flavor each day of the week.”

Buy for $15.00

30. Natural Beard Care Set

Natural Beard Care Set

Uncommon Goods

Last but surely not the least. Get this grooming kit for your partner’s beard and make their day this Valentine’s.

Customer Review:
“I bought the Esse beard oil and conditioner for my husband and my brother. They love the products! They both say detangling their beards have been made so much easier. My husband’s beard is so soft and well moisturized now. Not to mention the scent is fantastic! My brother says his beard is flourishing. Esse’s beard conditioner and oil gives his beard an all day healthy shine that doesn’t clog his pores.”

Buy for $29.00

We’ve made it easy for you with these unique gifts and now it’s up to you to wow your partner this Valentine’s day. C’mon! Start adding stuff to your cart, now!

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20 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Brand New Relationship

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