25 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him That Will Win His Heart

Believe it or not, men are creatures of habit. Simple things win their heart especially if it’s something that is of practical use and will add to their daily lives and routine. If you haven’t bought your man a gift yet, here are 25 things you can choose from, to give your partner a Valentine’s day gift.

1. West Coast-Style IPA Beer Brewing Kit

West Coast-Style IPA Beer Brewing Kit

Uncommon Goods

An insanely cool gift is one’s own beer brewing kit. If he likes to crack open a cold one post work or after a long day, he’s going to love this for Valentine’s.

Customer Review:
“I’ve bought kits before that are all plastic and have had cheapo instructions and/or dead yeast. This isn’t one of those! It has a nice glass carboy and the instructions were clear and easy to understand. Yeast was active right from the get go. In short the kit was a hit!”

Buy for $20.00 – $45.00

2. Paperless Notepad

Paperless Notepad


It is a fancy notebook that is environment-friendly and definitely something your tech-junky partner would love for Valentine’s day. He can take notes on this, make a to-do list and basically stay organized. That’s the goal, isn’t it?

Customer Review:
I bought the Blackboard and I truly enjoy the writing experience. It’s like using a marker on a whiteboard. A truly enjoyable experience.

Buy for $33.99

3. Stainless Steel Sports Water Bottle with LED Temperature Display

Stainless Steel Sports Water Bottle with LED Temperature Display


If your partner hits the gym often or does his workout indoors or outdoors, this is a good medium to keep himself hydrated. The coolest part about this bottle is that it even displays the temperature on the liquid on top, in LED light.

Customer Review:
“This is a really cool water bottle. It is very well made and keeps your drinks cold or warm all day long. The top of the lid has a temp gauge to let you know the temperature of the liquid inside. It is very accurate. The finish is durable and scratch-resistant. I am really happy with the quality and design of this bottle.”

Buy for $24.99

4. Head & Sinus Wrap with Lavender Aromatherapy

Head & Sinus Wrap with Lavender Aromatherapy


Does your poor partner fall prey to headaches and sinuses very often? If yes, this head-wrap will work wonders as it can be infused with essential oils and acts as a lovely comforting wrap around one’s head.

Customer Review:
“My teenage son and I are both migraine sufferers, often having 2-3 a week. We have tried all of the headwrap products out there, and this is by far our favorite. We both prefer cold relief during a migraine, so we typically keep this in the freezer so that it is ready to go when we need it. The wrap is consistently cold and provides even relief to the back of the neck and the front of the face/head simultaneously.”

Buy for $33.56

5. Simpsons – Custom Portrait

Simpsons - Custom Portrait


Another fun gift that he is sure to love is this Simpson’s version of a portrait. You can get one made from one of his coolest pictures and surprise him. This is a rather unique Valentine’s day gift, dontchya think?

Customer Review:
“A gift for my husband’s 50th bday. He absolutely lived as did everyone who saw it! Colors are more vivid than in this photo. So original!”

Buy for $29.00+ (depends on no. of people)

6. Mpow 071 USB Headset/ 3.5mm Computer Headset with Microphone Noise Cancelling

Mpow 071 USB Headset/ 3.5mm Computer Headset with Microphone Noise Cancelling


This headphone is a simple yet brilliant addition to his life if he’s a gamer. It’s a 3.5 mm UCB headset which also cancels out noise. At this price, we’d say, totally worth it.

Customer Review:
“I have an online teaching job. This headset is great for that because I am able to mute my surroundings when I am in the virtual classroom so the students can’t hear me. If I need to, I am also able to mute both sides. “

Buy for $32.99

7. ROMANTICIST 20pc Complete Grill Accessories Kit with Cooler Bag

ROMANTICIST 20pc Complete Grill Accessories Kit with Cooler Bag


A man’s gotta grill, when a man’s gotta grill. Is he a serial griller and loves to flip ’em burgers and make y’all steak dinners? This grill set is surely going to win his heart this Valentine’s.

Customer Review:
“This was a gift for my husband for fathers day. The tools are super sturdy (we use them at least 3 times a week) and easy to clean. The spatula is sharp so you need to be careful when cleaning it. The poker things that go on an ear of corn are also sturdy, as in the didnt bend when inserting them. Everything you need and more come in this kit and it included a sturdy case for storage and a small cooler (about the size of a lunch box). This was a win for fathers day!”

Buy for $32.99

8. 28 Game Card Slots Card Holder for Nintendo Switch Game Console

28 Game Card Slots Card Holder for Nintendo Switch Game Console


If he’s a gamer, this gift speaks for itself and cannot be upsold enough. Get your man this holder and see his face brighten up.

Customer Review:
“This item does exactly what it is supposed to, keep game cartridges near the Nintendo game station. I can cut down on space for game boxes, and I can have all of my game cartridges in one place for quick access. It is made from hard plastic that easily slips onto the docking station for convenience and ease of use. I am very satisfied with my product.”

Buy for $9.99

9. Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

Rafal Reyzer

Is he someone who enjoys getting himself neck messages and is usually the one to encourage y’all to get couple’s massages? If yes, then this massager is like a match made in heaven. He’s going to love this for a Valentine’s day gift.

Customer Review:
Bought it 2yrs ago. Perfect for myself with no back problems (love it!!!) perfect for my husband that has SCIATICA (LOVES it even more!). We use it so much it was invietable that the cover would rip. Emailed company, within 3 days!!! We had a new cover free of charge to our house! LOVE! We already bought this for my father in law and my mother. Great product, great company, great customer service!

Buy for $49.95

10. LED Flashlight Glove Outdoor Fishing Gloves With Stretchy Strap

LED Flashlight Glove Outdoor Fishing Gloves With Stretchy Strap


If he’s usually up and about repairing things around the house and is the handy-man, these flashlight gloves are going to prove to be of great use and you won’t have to be holding flashlight anymore. It’s a win-win!

Customer Review:
“I bought these to wear when there is not enough light for my knitting. Perfect! They are thin and secure. They adjust to fit any size hands. Probably great for fishing too. HAha.”

Buy for $16.99

11. Whiskey Enhancing Oak Tumbler

Whiskey Enhancing Oak Tumbler

Uncommon Goods

A super cool gift for a whiskey drinker is this oak tumbler. Sure everyone gifts glasses, but how unique is this glass made out of wood? Your partner will thoroughly enjoy this gift.

Customer Review:
“After a hard day at work, roommate and I sit and enjoy good spirits and conversation”

Buy for $14.00

12. Custom Photo Socks

Custom Photo Socks


If y’all have a custom of giving each other at least one fun gag gift for Valentine’s day every year, then this photo sock is sure to make him laugh. Get your face printed on it and he probably won’t know how to react, except probably chuckle.

Customer Review:
“These socks are wonderful! They are too cute! The red socks that we ordered were more of a brown/bronze color than red, but other than that they were great! Excellent service! My father-in-law loved them!”

Buy for $19.55

13. Car Air Freshener Solar Energy Rotating Cologne Aromatherapy Diffuser

Car Air Freshener Solar Energy Rotating Cologne Aromatherapy Diffuser


Did he recently get a new car or does he love his old baby? If the answer to either one of it is yes, he’ll absolutely love this cool solar energy air freshener cum diffuser. Makes for a good Valentine’s day gift for him.

Customer Review:
“I love it, it works perfectly, solar energy works perfectly when the sun is shining, the fan starts spinning immediately, this is an efficient way to keep my car in flavor, the smell is light and fresh, it does not saturate the environment, the perfect balance between fresh air and a sweet taste, and I really love how it looks, it’s so cute!”

Buy for $22.15

14. Mens Slippers with Arch Support

Mens Slippers with Arch Support


We’re telling you, practicality is the way to go if you want to get him a Valentine’s day gift. These home slippers are comfy and durable. What more would he want?

Customer Review:
“This is a very comfortable slipper/shoe. The inside of the top of the shoe is lined in a soft, suede-like material, while the insole is fleece lined. The rubber sole makes it durable and suitable for wearing outside. I use these to go back and forth from the house to the back patio. I can slip them on and off easily thanks to the open back.”

Buy for $27.99

15. Cremo Bourbon & Oak Cologne Spray

Cremo Bourbon & Oak Cologne Spray


We all want our partner’s to smell good don’t we? If you’re looking for a sure short gift this Valentine’s day that he’ll love, this oaky fragrance could be the perfect one!

Customer Review:
“Only buy this if you are DTF. Because from the second I sprayed this my wife was all over me. My dog tried to hump me, the mailman who delivered it was trying to get some. This stuff even made me wanna do me and I’m hideous. Money well spent.”

Buy for $22.99

16. Tiege Hanley Men’s Skin Care System

Tiege Hanley Men’s Skin Care System


We’re all for the metrosexual men out there doing their thing and taking care of their skin. If your man does not shy away from using skin products and loves his skincare routine, he’ll appreciate this Valentine’s day gift for sure!

Customer Review:
“I have been using the level one system for about eight months now. I can say that it’s a good product and one package lasts me roughly six weeks. The daily wash and every two-three day scrub have gradually reduced my acne a fair amount and I have noticed a drastic reduction of blackheads. The two lotions are also good products that don’t leave my skin feeling oily like so many others. The morning lotion has a small amount of SPF which makes it a good aftershave option.”

Buy for $39.99

17. In-Cog-Neato Brick Necklace for Couples


If he doesn’t mind wearing jewelery, this lego couple’s necklace is a simple and sweet Valentine’s day gift for him. The heart breaks into two and both of y’all can wear one half each which can obviously be connected to form a whole heart again. How romantic is this gift!

Customer Review:
“Its so cute! I’m so excited, I got the other one for my best friend instead of s/o”

Buy for $17.99

18. WAHL Beard Balm for Grooming with Essential Oils

WAHL Beard Balm for Grooming with Essential Oils


For him to keep his beard bushy, thick, and shiny, get him this beard balm for grooming as a Valentine’s day gift.

Customer Review:
“The consistency of this balm is perfect, it goes on smooth, It’s not too thick or oily as is the case with previous balms I have tried. This balm also does a great job of keeping my beard/face moisturized during the day. As far as shaping my beard I feel it did a decent job, able to hold up several hours in the Florida heat. I also feel like I got a descent amount of balm for the price point. “

Buy for $14.94

19. Customized Sound Wave Art Print

Customized sound wave art print


You guys must surely have ‘your song’ that y’all love dancing to, or even singing out loud; either that or pick his favourite song and get this sound wave artwork done as a Valentine’s day gift for him.

Customer Review:
“Michael was very easy to work with and the process was seamless! He put together my custom print extremely fast & I found the perfect frame for the print! It’s such a unique and beautiful engagement gift! Thank you, highly recommend Michael’s shop!”

Buy for $19.00+ (various options available)

20. Wooden AirPods Case

Wooden AirPods Case


How about yet another practical gift like this cool wooden AirPod Case to protect and keep his pods safe as well as the original case. Those things don’t come cheap yo.

Customer Review:
“This is by far the best case I’ve put on the Air Pods Pro. It’s simplistic and really well built. The minimalistic design and the delicate polishing immensely adds the right age to the wood. Go for if you’re looking for a different yet classic case for your Air Pods. Coming to the seller, they’re really prompt in responses.”

Buy for $45.00

21. Mens Wooden Watch

Mens Wooden Watch


A cool feature about this classy wooden watch is that it has a glow-in-the-dark dial that looks extraordinary. If you’re looking for an interesting Valentine’s day gift, then this is it!

Customer Review:
“There are so many positives, I am not sure where to begin! First, the watch itself is beautifully made. There is not any watch out there, especially for the price, made as well. It is somehow strong, sturdy, and flexible and lightweight! But not light like it is from cheap materials, just more comfortable. The engraving came out perfect too! And the owner is so responsive and kind. Truly, 5 stars all around! I look forward to ordering from this shop again!”

Buy for $49.99

22. Wall Mounted Recycled Ski Bottle Opener

Wall Mounted Recycled Ski Bottle Opener

Uncommon Goods

The cool factor on this ski-bottle opener is pretty high. We absolutely love it and so will he as a Valentine’s day gift!

Customer Review:
“Easy to put together and doesn’t take up too much space in the house. Looks great! #sweepstakes”

Buy for $45.00

23. Columbia Men’s Steens Mountain Full Zip

Columbia Men's Steens Mountain Full Zip


Want to make sure that your man’s warm and cozy? Thing is, they can be fussy sometimes about getting a new warmer or a jacket so why not give one to them as a Valentine’s day gift?

Customer Review:
“I just tried it on and really like it. Great quality. The collar can be zipped up or it can lay flat like a traditional jacket. The large size fits me great. I like the strong and thick elastic near the wrists. (The sleeves don’t just hang.)”

Buy for $24.99 – $88.87 (depends on size and color)

24. UV Sanitizer & Wireless Charger

UV Sanitizer & Wireless Charger

Uncommon Goods

We all know the importance of a having things around us safe and sanitized; what if that’s coupled with a wireless charger? A steal we say! Get this for your partner on Valentine’s day and make his day!

Customer Review:
“He uses it at home. When he gets home from work he puts it in the case to clean and sanitize his phone very practical.”

Buy for $70.00

25. Bourbon Infused Tea

Bourbon Infused Tea

Uncommon Goods

Last but surely not the least, this item’s a gold mine for a tea and bourbon drinker because it brings together the best of both worlds, doesn’t it?

Customer Review:
“Notes of chocolate and bourbon, and it tastes as good as it smells!”

Buy for $20.00

These should give you an idea as to what you’d want your partner to have as a Valentine’s day gift. Whatever you choose, we’re sure he’ll love it!

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