10 Life Hacks That You Wish You Knew Sooner

Life Hacks

Great things happen to those who work hard, brilliant things happen to those who work smarter. We gathered a few life hacks that might make your lives easier and save you tons of time.

You’re welcome.

1. Make the eggshell come off effortlessly

easy life hacks, remove eggshells

Image to be made: the image of the baking soda box on the right with an arrow pointing towards the eggs boiling on the left.

Drop a teaspoon of baking soda into a liter of water and boil the eggs as usual. Once boiled, the eggshell slips off in larger pieces and this would make the peeling an easier and quicker process.

2. Mess-free pancakes, anyone?

mess free pancakes, life hacks

You’d be recycling and keeping the kitchen clean by reusing your old ketchup bottle for your pancake batter. Also, you could make a baby Yoda pancake or a minion pancake because breakfasts should be fun!

3. You’ve been eating cupcakes the wrong way!

You can turn everything and anything into a sandwich. Take the cupcake, cut the bottom half, take the same and place it on the top! Et voila, you have a little drop of heaven!

3. Never invest in a speaker

An empty pringles box can give your music extra volume, crisper and clearer sound. It’s quite easy and also, you recycle!

4. Dunk Oreos and don’t create a mess

dunk oreo biscuit hack

Dunking your favorite cookie can get irritating because your fingers are involved in the process. Now’s the time to put a fork to use and keep the hands clean.

5. Operation hide your money

We have a tendency to think of the worse case scenarios, like getting mugged while on vacation. Fret not, you just need an empty chapstick, roll up a couple of bills and keep it handy.

6. A password no one will be able to guess

The only thing worse than losing your phone is someone hacking your data. Keep a unique password, not your dog’s name! Using an accented letter could make it a tough one to crack.

7. Mission save your hands from getting burnt

light candles easily hack

Isn’t it annoying when you light a candle and you end up burning your hands? Take spaghetti and light the wick, save yourself!

8. Is it a bag or a bowl? It’s both!

Poke the corners of your favorite chip bag, gather all the chips towards the top of the bag and open it up. You have one thing less to worry about at your next house party.

9. Heat your leftovers evenly

The issue with heating up leftovers in the microwave is that they don’t! Take it from us, we know! So the next time you heat spaghetti or rice from the night before, you make sure you spread them in a circle.

10. Learn a bar language and save your seat

bar language, life hacks

We’ve all gone to a bar, left to hit the dancefloor or the washroom and lost our seat! The bar has a code for you to save the seat, use your coaster to cover your drink and you’ll never lose your seat or your drink.

Which one of these life hacks are you using today?