Ukrainian Couple Chain Themselves Together For 3 Months To Test The Strength Of Their Love

One Ukrainian couple decided to chain themselves together for three months to test the strength of their relationship. Talk about being inseparable when in love, but chained up together!

Alexander and Viktoria chose Valentine’s Day as the obvious time to attach themselves to each other, in order to give their relationship the ultimate test.


Vitaly Zorin, of Ukraine’s national register of records, who supervised the experiment said: “The palms of the couple in love are just a couple of centimetres apart.”

Ukrainian couple


The couple also had to go through their mental examination before starting their handcuff challenge, before they were chained together near the Unity sculpture in Kyiv, Ukraine.

“We are going for a record. There is a chain on us, and all the links are welded. The final link… is closed with the seal of the national register of records.” Alexander said LADBIBLE

The couple’s first test was a 325-mile drive home from the capital city in a taxi. During a taxi break, the couple had to choose whether to use the male or female toilets at a roadside café. We know you must be thinking about what they chose. They selected the women’s loo.

Doing all the chores won’t be that easy with one hand tied up to someone else. While there are activities one is used to performing with someone beside you like sleeping, cooking, brushing, but imagine standing next to your partner while they take a dump. That would be embarrassing, right?

However, the couple is pretty sure that they can last three months in such closeness. In case they decide to separate during the three months, they will need specialists from the emergency services to cut them apart.

We wish the couple good luck on this journey.

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