This Artist Draws Stunning Portraits & Drawings Using A Typewriter

Art definitely has no limits. For James Cook, his pieces are not only stunning but truly timeless. The artist uses a manual typewriter, an all-time office machine from the bygone era, something that we thought were only vintage decor pieces now. The 23-year-old, student of architecture, loves details and draws impeccable portraits and drawings.

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#1 Tudor Palace

#2 Blackmore Church, Essex

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Cook became interested in typewriters when he heard about a man called Paul Smith, who suffered from cerebral palsy. Unable to hold a brush or a pen, he used to draw using a typewriter.

The artist bought his first typewriter from an elderly couple selling antiques. Today, James has a thriving collection of around 20 typewriters that he uses to create his paintings.

#3 The First London Routemaster Bus

#4 John Webb’s Windmill, Thaxted

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James’ art is one of a kind and can take a lot of time to finish. His largest drawing to date is roughly 4 feet by 3 feet and, unofficially, is probably the largest typewriter drawing ever done. It took three rolls of paper, around 100,000 letters, numbers, and punctuation marks.

#5 Stunning Portraits

#6 January Blues, Canal St. New Orleans

#7 St. Paul’s Cathedral, London

#8 The Houses of Parliament, London

#9 Rayne Station

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