A $22,000 Tiny Home Can Be Unfolded From The Box Within Three Hours

A $22,000 Tiny Home Can Be Unfolded From The Box Within Three Hours FI

In the past few years, tiny homes are becoming increasingly popular. And it has gained huge momentum due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many people are now preferring RVs or compact homes as the price of real estate has reached sky level high.

Brette Haus, a Latvian startup is providing a tiny home of your dreams. A solid tiny house that can also be moved from location to location.

Brette Haus makes foldable tiny homes that come in a box and can be unfolded and can be set up in less than three hours by two people.

There are three different types of tiny homes each come in three different sizes, ranging from 193 square feet to 506 square feet.

Costs range from $22,000 to $61,500.

Each house comes with a minimally equipped kitchen, a bathroom, a living room, and a bedroom.

You can add plenty of equipment for an extra cost – from a full IKEA kitchen to solar energy kits.

All the three different models can be folded and unfolded almost like paper, making it fairly easy to transport anywhere, Lonely Planet reports

Made entirely of sustainable materials, these tiny homes can be set up without needing any permanent foundations. According to Brette Haus, it only takes two people and about three hours to get one of these tiny homes up and ready to go. 

To get going, the homes simply need to be plugged into water, electricity, and attached to a sewage pipe, much like an RV, though off-grid options exist as well.

The mission of Brette Haus is to fabricate quality mobile homes, considering that nowadays people are flexible and not attached to only one place,” the company said in a press release.

Homes are made using only natural, recyclable materials, and are “carbon neutral and almost zero waste,” according to the company’s website.

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