15 Products For Those Who Take Their Naps Super Seriously

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Are you a nap lover who just lives for those soothing moments of time-out? Well, here are 15 products that you can gift a friend who is a sworn nap lover!

1. Napping on road trips is a whole new game. A memory foam car seat headrest pillow will make sure your neck is with you through long road trips.

memory foam car seat headrest pillow, nap time , nap lovers



2. A mini sleep ostrich pillow loop eyemask to protect your head from accidentally bumping into the window while you’re traveling.

sleep ostrich pillow loop eyemask, nap lovers


Customer Review: This is a great eye mask, it takes time to get it adjusted “just so” so be patient. You need to be careful to not put excess pressure on your eyes (I woke up near-sided once because it was too tight… don’t worry… it went away). I LOVE that this mask is robust and also allows you to pair it with noise-canceling over-ear headphone.


3. A nap time sign for legit nap lovers that will signal anybody who tries to disturb their nap time.

nap time sign, nap lovers



4. Acoustic sheep sleep headphones or SleepPhones because sleeping with earbuds in is just not nap-friendly! This allows you to listen to soothing music without any discomfort.

sleep headphones


Customer Review: I asked for these for Christmas last year and everybody made fun of me. Now they’ve all gone and bought a pair. These things are the best ever – and definitely better than earplugs and an eye mask! I put on binaural beats and pull the headband down over my eyes and sleep like the dead all night. Can’t hear the annoying neighbors partying, spouse snoring, the rattling heater, nothing.


5. An oversized microfiber & sherpa wearable blanket that makes wearing your blanket a real ad practical thing.

sherpa wearable blanket, nap lovers, thoughtful gifts,

Customer Review: My teenage son lives in sweatpants and a sweatshirt when he’s home. Even in the summer. He loves to be comfy so I knew this would be perfect. I was right. He has yet to take it off in the past few days!


6. This Eat, Sleep, Nap Jogger set will feel too comfortable to not take a quick cozy nap.

Eat, Sleep, Nap Jogger set, nap time



7. A melon de-stressing overnight face mask to keep your skincare regime on track while you snooze. Apply a thin layer before bed, and wake up to a fresh, ready-for-the-day skin in the morning.

melon de-stressing overnight face mask


Customer review: “Every time that I have broken out (not often, I’m blessed with acne-free genetics), this mask has been my go-to. It really gets rid of any redness and inflammation caused by breakouts and is definitely very soothing to the skin. It also smells like sour watermelon!”


8. This bedside Bluetooth sleep therapy lamp to take your sleeping ritual to a whole new level. The gentle, soothing sound therapy combined with comforting light settings will help finish the day on a calming note.

Bluetooth sleep therapy machine


Customer Review: “I absolutely love this. I have been considering a noise machine for a while. This takes it a step further. It allows you to set a bedtime wind-down sequence (I use waves and sunset). Then when the time elapses it switches to a white noise sleep function. It helps drown out outside noises.”


9. A cozy, hand and foot pocket, fleece blanket to tuck in your feet and arms, and never lose a minute of sleep trying to get warm.

hand and foot pocket, fleece blanket


10. A soothing pillow mist infused with natural essential oils to slip you into sweet slumber!

Pillow Ritual Mist Spray



11. This inflatable mattress extended couch comes with two pillows and loads of reasons to start planning a road trip!

inflatable mattress



12. This plush fleece nap sack pillow would make you fall asleep like a breeze, even if you’re sitting in the middle of a packed flight. The bonus is, this is an easy-wash deal and you’re good to go!



13. A pack of three heavenly candles to soothe your mood, as you drift to sweet dreams.

candle set



14. A bendable pillow that magically adjusts to any of your sleeping positions and woes.

bendable travel pillow


Customer Review:This travel pillow is flexible and holds the shape you want. I use it when watching TV for a little extra support on my neck. Soft and comfortable. Super impressed with the shipping-item was received in less than 24 hours from the time I placed the order, this was during the COVID-19 closures when a lot of deliveries were delayed. Thank you!


15. A soothing honey lavender tea to put you to bed with a warm cup of lullaby! This one will also soothe your migraines.

soothing honey lavender tea


Customer Review: I bought this item and it helped a lot ! I was having a terrible migraine, as soon as I drank the supplement my migraine was relieved. I am absolutely flattered with the results!

$15.36 (pack of 4)

16. This linen hammock chair for all the nature babies to curl up in the lap of nature!

linen hammock chair


Also available in 5 different colours


17. A reversible and heatable weighted eye mask, that feels like sliding into your warm blanket as you switch-off the world.

reversible weighted eye mask, nap time


Customer Review: “Very nice fabric, soft and comfortable. Keeps all light out. Sleep well!”


knee pillow, nap time


Customer Review: “As an expectant mom who has no choice but to sleep on my side, this pillow is the answer to prayers. It’s the perfect shape and thickness to keep my bony knees and pressure-sensitive calves happy all night, which is truly a miracle. Can’t recommend this enough!”


19. A gel memory foam sleep wedge topper that instantly lures you into a sound sleep!

gel memory foam sleep


Customer Review: “I’m glad it has the cooling foam. I tend to get overheated and sweat at night.”


20. A cute stuffed seal pillow for all those nap lovers who just cannot have enough pillows, even at their desk!

stuffed seal pillow


That’s all folks! Sleep tight!