This Screen-Magnifier Is A Game Changer For Anybody Who Watches Movies On The Go!

Are you a movie buff and someone who’s always on the go? Are you someone who enjoys streaming online and watching YouTube videos in their free time? Are you often on the road, traveling and moving cities? If your answer to any of these is yes, we have just the thing that will make a cinematic experience for a seasoned traveler much better. Presenting, the screen-magnifier. This one’s a boon and a true must-have.

The screen-magnifier makes your watching experience better by increasing the size of the screen. Let’s find out how!


When you want to relieve yourself of discomfort that comes from focusing on a small screen for long periods of time, all you gotta do is place your smartphone behind the screen of the screen-magnifier.


It works just like a phone projection screen. It doubles the size of your screen so that you can now enjoy movies and videos on your smartphone to the fullest in superb HD quality. The best part? When you’re traveling and moving about and are in the mood to jam onto your favorite movie, you gotta whip out this portable device.

It is slender, easy-to-use and assembles in barely a few minutes. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone, the screen-magnifier will work with your device. Best part? It does not require any battery!

Here’s how you can assemble it. Place the device on a flat surface, fold the upper section in a roll in an outward manner. Hoist the screen upward, place your device behind the screen on the roll and voila!

The screen-magnifier is ready to use!


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Customer Review:
“I was very excited when I first heard about screen maginifier , what a brilliant idea! I watch shows on my phone all the time. After my son breaks the second tablet, we decide no more IPad or tablet in our house. Maybe because I watch my phone too much, or maybe it’s age. I feel the phone screen is not big enough. This screen maginifier is what I need. It’s very simple, quality is good. It’s pretty clear, you need adjust it for the best angle to have the full screen.”

Fellow traveler, now that you know this device is fool-proof and the perfect partner-in-crime while traveling, what are you waiting for? Add it to your cart and get this brilliant gadget for just $21.95

Click here to buy the screen-magnifier.

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