20 Things To Organize Your Bathroom With And Hail Your Inner-Monica Geller

They say you can tell how hygienic a person is by taking a look at their bathroom or powder room. If you have a potential inner Monica Geller in you that loves their bathroom to be spic-and-span, up-to-date with refills of products, then you’ll surely love these organizational items. Best part? These products will add to the aesthetic of your current bathroom style as they’re mostly all very versatile and minimalistic.

1. Rustic Wooden Toilet Paper Holder

Rustic Wooden Toilet Paper Holder


Don’t want to settle for some plain ‘ol storage set up for your bathrooms? This rustic wooden toilet paper stand can hold enough rolls to last you a while and also store napkins, newspapers etc in its other sections. It is multi-functional.

Customer Review:
“I have a very small bathroom with limited space so I didn’t hang up in the wall but I put it under the sink in sideways. It’s very efficient and helped to keep the bathroom nice and neat. I love how easy it is to assemble! It’s like playing with legos! It didn’t need any screws , tools etc so I find it nice! Itd be easy to take it apart in the future when I’m moving. It clicks into places so you don’t need to worry about falling apart.”

Buy for $58.99

2. Small Bathroom Storage Corner Floor Cabinet

Small Bathroom Storage Corner Floor Cabinet


Need more storage space in your bathroom? This floor cabinet is sleek, has lots of storage space and does the job pretty damn well. Because of its built, it can fit in narrow spaces as well.

Customer Review:
“Was very easy to put together. About 5-8 minutes total time. All of the pieces simply snap into place and then the screws are added to make it more stable with a firm feeling. Great for having in a small bathroom with no storage for extra TP and cleaning supplies. As pictured.”

Buy for $35.99 ($39.99)

3. CELEZAR Wicker Baskets for Storage Rattan Closet Bins

CELEZAR Wicker Baskets for Storage Rattan Closet Bins


These are your best storage options when it comes to putting stuff under the sink; be it your medicines, extras of cleaning products etc. You can also store towels and napkins in them by your sink for your guests. These wicker baskets will give a very homey vibe to your bathroom.

Customer Review:
“Was very pleased with my purchase the baskets are very well made and sturdy. I use them to hold toiletries.”

Buy for $44.99 (3 pieces)

4. Vanity Organizer Apothecary Jars Canister

Vanity Organizer Apothecary Jars Canister


Elevate your storage aesthetic with these cool transparent glass jars. You can store your makeup wipes, cotton balls, earbuds, floss sticks, bath salts and more in these jars.

Customer Review:
“I was pleasantly surprised when I received these. They seem like they are very durable and for the price I would definitely buy again. Went perfect for the modern farmhouse look I was going for in the bathroom. I also purchased the shelves on amazon.”

Buy for $9.19 ($10.79)

5. Cute Sloth Ring Holder

Cute Sloth Ring Holder


How about this cutsie sloth to keep your jewels and trinkets safe while you hop in for a shower? Hoenstly though, you must get it because this little one is just too cute to not make it to your vanity!

Customer Review:
“I bought this for my 21 year old daughter for Christmas. She loves sloths. She of course love this. It’s small cute and perfect to sit on a nightstand to put your rings on.”

Buy for $16.99

6. Rustic Scrunchie Holder

Rustic Scrunchie Holder


The more scrunchies one buys, the more they disappear. To solve this very issue, here’s a scrunchie holder that will take care of keeping them in place so that you always have one when you need it. You can simply plop it next to your bathroom sink or such so when you’re going in for a shower, you can take off the scrunchie and place it there.

Customer Review:
“This scrunchie holder is perfect – I love the rustic look and the quality is great. And Heather went out of her way to get this to me as soon as possible! Definitely would recommend buying.”

Buy for $8.00

7. Nice Butt Bathroom Decor Box

Nice Butt Bathroom Decor Box


Here’s a sizable rack to store your toilet papers, maybe a plant, or simply a scented candle. Its compactness and durability make this lil wooden toilet paper-holder a must-have!

Customer Review:
“I love this piece! Two rolls of toilet paper fit in it nicely with a little bit of room to spare. The box is the full length of the back of my toilet and looks like it was made just for that space.”

Buy for $12.95

8. mDesign Freestanding Metal Wire Toilet Paper Roll Holder Stand 

mDesign Freestanding Metal Wire Toilet Paper Roll Holder Stand


Another organizational tool that one can never go wrong with is this toilet-paper dispenser which also has the coolest addition to it! A lil space to plop your phone in so that it doesn’t fall or get wet. It’s safe to say that the bathroom organization tools have surely kept up with the times.

Customer Review:
“There really isn’t much to say since this is a toilet paper holder but I will say that this is a great addition to have in your bathroom. It holds two standard size rolls and one in the main roller. I got this for the little storage bin on the top to hold your phone, wipes or even a box of tissues. It’s not too tall, which I like since it provides stability. I did have an issue where one of the screws was missing from the bottom so it wasn’t steady. I contacted amazon and got a replacement with both screws so now I’m happy. “

Buy for $25.99 ($31.99)

9. Cabidor Deluxe

Cabidor Deluxe


Need more storage space but don’t have much room for the same? Well not only does this fixture come with a slick pattern to fit in easily in your bathroom behind the door, but also comes with a mirror which let’s admit – every bathroom needs.

Customer Review:
“This is a must-have for any small space. My bathroom has no medicine cabinet just a mirror and is pretty small so storage is a huge deal. My girlfriend came across this item so I figured I would give it a shot being prime eligible. This item came FAST and packaged extremely well (much better than expected) the finish was flawless.”

Buy for $249.99

10. Chrome Plated Steel Caddy Tray

Chrome Plated Steel Caddy Tray


Now no more scuttling around to get hold of your wine glass while taking a relaxing bath. This bathtub caddy is great for holding a book, your wine glass, and bottle, and more. Have a peaceful nice bath, with everything at within armsreach.

Customer Review:
“Very sturdy! Holds my IPad and glass of wine! Very relaxing after long day.”

Buy for $34.99

11. mDesign Metal Hair Care & Styling Tool Organizer Holder

mDesign Metal Hair Care & Styling Tool Organizer Holder


Are you tired of having your hairstyling tools entangled all the time? Here’s a holder that’ll keep them in a neat and organized fashion. A plus is that it looks pretty cute too!

Customer Review:
“This product does exactly what I hoped. It stands up nicely even when full and holds my hairdryer, flat iron, and curling iron nicely in my under-sink cabinet. It doesn’t fall over when I put things in and out and I like that the design is such that you can put a hot tool in it and don’t have to worry about anything burning.”

Buy for $19.99

12. Tegg Mini Toothbrush Holder

Tegg Mini Toothbrush Holder


If you’re someone who’s extra careful about their hygiene, these individual tooth brush holders are definitely something you’ll want to get for your bathroom.

Customer Review:
“These are really adorable. I keep two in my master and 2 in my guest bath. The colors just happened to work for me as I have green in one and blue in the other.”

Buy for $9.79

13. 360 Spinning Makeup Organizer

360 Spinning Makeup Organizer


If your sink is not visible under the mountain of a pile of your makeup, this is probably a wake-up call for you to get your sh*t organised. Either that or you want to level up your makeup storage. This 360 degree spinning organizer is perfect for it.

Customer Review:
“I needed to tidy up my beauty and self-care items in my bathroom. I ended up clearing two baskets and a makeup storage item I was using to badly organize my items. I love the shelve heights, only wish there was juuust one more notch at the top so I could store my mouthwash upright.”

Buy for $23.99

14. 16 Pcs Drawer Organizer Set Dresser Desk Drawer Dividers

16 Pcs Drawer Organizer Set Dresser Desk Drawer Dividers


If you think your bathroom drawer needs more organization and you want to compartmentalize your skincare, makeup, wipes and other hygiene products separately, these dividers will be very useful for you.

Customer Review:
“It helped organized my drawer. the edges on the top is perfectly the right angle and not curve which helps the bins be flat against each other. “

Buy for $16.99 ($19.99)

15. Shower Caddy Basket Shelf 

Shower Caddy Basket Shelf


An easy way to access all your skincare and haircare while taking a shower is with the help of this caddy that can simply be stuck to your walls. No drilling, nothing, and you’re good to go!

Customer Review:
“Holy crap! This is way better than a over the shower head caddy or a corner shelf! It’s adhesion is amazing, as you can tell we have it chuck full and it’s not once moved or came undone!!!! Gives our shower more space & way easier to keep clean now!! I’d highly recommend!!!”

Buy for $20.99 ($29.99)

16. Black Script Bathroom Labels

Black Script Bathroom Labels


If you’re willing to get more detailed and go robust with your bathroom organization, these stickers might come handy. You can stick these transparent stickers on your skincare, makeup, hair care organizers. If the boxes are opaque, this is a good way to know what’s what without having to open the lids to peek in and waste time.

Customer Review:
“LOVE these! So pretty. I feel like they did a good job of covering what everyone’s bathrooms would contain. This helps me to somewhat conceal everything while still knowing where it is. Perfect for the unique cabinet in our rental. Please make more! For the laundry room, office, EVERYTHING! My handwriting is terrible but labeling makes me happy”

Buy for $14.75 ($19.99)

17. Qedimah Mop Broom Holder Wall Mount

Qedimah Mop Broom Holder Wall Mount


If mops and your cleaning equipment are simply lying around in the bathroom, it can look untidy and messy. To avoid just that and make sure it’s all in one place, you can opt for this broom holding wall mount.

Customer Review:
“Really liked this wall mount. I’m using it to hold up my Swiffer, Swiffer rags (I push it into the other broom holder since it doesn’t have a hook), and spare plastic bags. It feels heavy-duty. I used the sticky tabs along with the screws (just to be safe)”

Buy for $19.99

18. Mason Jar Bathroom Accessories Set 4 Pcs 

Mason Jar Bathroom Accessories Set 4 Pcs


How about an all-in-one 4 piece set that is kind of a starting step to getting things organized in your bathroom. These clear organizational sets will help you keep your bathroom clutter-free and looking aesthetically pleasing.

Customer Review:
“These are simple, cute & VERY helpful. I have loved SO much having these for my bathroom! I have my q-tips, cotton balls, hand soap, and toothbrushes/paste all organized neatly & easy to get to! I’m a stickler for organization, but I also like being creative with it! “

Buy for $24.99 ($28.99)

19. Finest Tree Leaf Clothes Rack

Finest Tree Leaf Coat Rack


These can easily be screwed up behind the bathroom door to hang your towels, soiled clothes, or jeans. It’s also good to hang your bras and other delicate that might have to be hand-washed later. All in all, a good addition to organize one’s bathroom.

Customer Review:
“Great quality, easy to use and look great. Thanks again!”

Buy for $81.93

20. Premium Bamboo Expandable Drawer Organizer Adjustable Kitchen Drawer Divider

Premium Bamboo Expandable Drawer Organizer Adjustable Kitchen Drawer Divider


Again, a good way to separate the things in your drawer and know exactly where your things are placed. This not only looks neat, but also saves you a lot of time. A cool thing about this organizer? It’s handmade.

Customer Review:
“This organizer is PERFECT! I had 2 different sized drawers in my bathroom and this organizer fit them both perfectly. It is really solid and quality work. Highly recommend!”

Buy for $29.99

Come on, you owe it to yourself for working so hard. Pamper the inner Monica in you and give your bathroom a lil makeover. We all know how much time we spend in there, so it deserves to be well-kept and looking good, right?

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