20 Things To Give Yourself A Much-Needed Break While At Work

We all need a break from work at some point right? The hectic schedules, chasing the deadlines, and being at it can get to you! But hey, we have a few solutions for that. When at work and you’re stressed, tired or just in need of a super-quick short break, all you need is a few minutes and some of these products to put you at ease. Take a break because you deserve it. Help us help you with these cool products to re-energize yourself before you get back to work!

1. Fitness Exercise Yoga Mat

Fitness Exercise Yoga Mat


A quick and easy way to take a short break from your screen and your work schedule would be to do some yoga. For that, this yoga mat will come in handy. No, don’t worry, you won’t have to contort your body in awkward positions to relax, simple meditation works just as well. this yoga mat also has a few exercises printed on it that you could follow.

Customer Review:
“I am very new to yoga & this yoga mat is extremely helpful while in class so I am not constantly having to stare at the instructors the entire time. It also helps outside of class when practicing different yoga poses. It’s is also very comfortable without being to heavy!!! I definitely recommend this mat to anyone new to yoga!!!”

Buy for $27.99

2. Cross-Stitch Kit

Cross-Stitch Kit

Wool And The Gang

Another fun and unique way to take some time off from work is to do some fun cross-stitching. It’s interesting, it’s a unique way to pass your time and it’s easy!

Buy for $21.00

3. Crochet Mermaid Tail Blanket

Crochet Mermaid Tail Blanket


Feeling bleh? Don’t want to look at your screen? This cozy mermaid tail blanket and a book of your choice can be your escape at work for a while. Kick up your legs and just take a few minutes off before you dive right in again.

Customer Review:
“Great product and fabulous price. I plan to buy more as gifts. Nicely packaged so it makes a wonderful gift.

Buy for $18.99

4. Dirty Limericks

Dirty Limericks


Another way to take a short break from work would be to do some light reading. And what better than some light-hearted Dirty Limericks for some midday chuckles? It can be your harmless lil secret!

Customer Review:
“Pretty good if you don’t read too much at one time.”

Buy for $11.00

5. The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living

The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living


For if you’re not the Dirty Limerick kinda person, we’ve got something else that you can read to take that much-needed break. This Danish book that gives you small lil secrets to happy living. And hey! Who doesn’t wanna be happy? Come one grab a copy!

Customer Review:
“I really enjoyed flipping through this book, there were lots of little illustrations, lists, stats, and even recipes. It was a quick and easy read and at times was very repetitive when going over the core principles of hygge. But other than that it was a fun and informative book if you are interested in learning about Danish culture!”

Buy for $17.99

6. Tic Tac Toe & 4 in a Row Tables Game Set

Tic Tac Toe & 4 in a Row Tables Game Set


Because of its size and portability you can store these games in your desk drawer. Whip ’em out and challenge your work buddy for some fun games mid-work when y’all are trying to blow some steam off. These simple mindless games work like a charm.

Customer Review:
“Awesome little set. Sturdy”

Buy for $19.99 

7. Soft Neck Scarf Support Sleep

Soft Neck Scarf Support Sleep


Sometimes all you need is a small nap to make you feel better and relaxed during some crazy work hours. Feeling groggy? Have a headache? Or just too tired? It can happen while you’re working and then taking a small on that desk can be slightly uncomfortable which is where this neck scarf pillow comes in for comfort.

Customer Review:
“This travel pillow is very versatile! I love that this pillow can transform into whatever you want it to be, unlike other travel pillows that only take one shape.”

Buy for $39.90

8. Kinetic Sand


If you’ve never played with kinetic sand, boy are you missing out! A good way to relax or take a break from work is to just dip your hands and mold some sand, make a few ridges or even cut through it. If you’re someone suffering from anxiety, it works like a damn charm!

Customer Review:
“My therapist recommended this for my anxiety and it works great. I put it in a Tupperware and can carry it with me if needed. I can seat on my sofa and mold it in my hands and relieve my anxiety.”

Buy for $9.99

9. Cooling Reusable Eye Mask

Cooling Reusable Eye Mask


If you wanna just switch off from work, do you usually put your head back and take a quick nap? How about we elevate that experience with this reusable cooling gel eye mask that is knowns to reduce stress and headaches? Bingo!

Customer Review:
“Cute, comes with instructions that are not only on the box, but also on the provided storage bag for the mask (for the freezer to keep out smells)! The packaging is very well thought out and I like the Velcro connector in the back.”

Buy for $8.99 ($13.50)

10. Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set


Long hours at the deck can be tiring especially when one has to continually sit upright and look at the screen. This acupressure mat and pillow set will naturally reduce muscle tension, back pain by simply laying or sitting on the mat daily for 10-30 minutes. In general, acupressure is known to release endorphins that block pain and helps relax the muscles in your back, neck, and feet. So when you think relaxation, think acupressure.

Customer Review:
“I’ve had lower back pain off and on for years. I also get tension headaches. The first time I laid on this matter I loved it! I laid on it for about fifteen minutes and my headache was gone. It says to start off laying on something soft. But I dived right in and laid on the floor with it. It wasn’t painful or uncomfortable at all. There are little loops on the mat and decided to sew buttons on the opposite side so I could fold it up. That worked out great.”

Buy for $24.11

11. Sculpture Decor Fidget Toy

Sculpture Decor Fidget Toy


Here’s another fidget toy for your home or work desk. If you like to keep your hands busy while thinking or when you’re on a phone call, this toy will tend to your needs. And if you just want to take some time-off from your tedious job list, turn to this toy for some respite and down time.

Customer Review:
“I was looking for an item to have in my office that children or adults can use when feeling anxious or have difficulty focusing. So far it has been very helpful especially with young children. P.S. This is a mental health practice.”

Buy for $14.99 ($16.99)

12. Aromatherapy Diffuser & Essential Oil Set


Another way to calm your senses when at work would be with the help of aroma therapy. Calm your nerves, take a short break from work as you use this diffuser with essential oils coupled with some chill music in the background.

Customer Review:
“Love the design, love the color, silent operation, long power cord, love the lightning effect, wish there was a bigger tank version so i can add more water. Wish there was a timer for auto off, and maybe they can add a safety feature that turns itself off when the water runs out. But other tan that, everything else is good. You can have the changing lights on without the mist that will serve as a beautiful night light.”

Buy for $33.95 ($69.95)

13. Thick Yoga Ball Chair

Thick Yoga Ball Chair


Long working hours are making it difficult for your to hit the gym or stay fit? Or is your body cramping up cooped up in one place in one position? You could replace your conventional swivel chair with this ball from time to time to get some stretching done, to give your body a lil challenge while sitting and just have some fun while working. This ball chair is not just great for your core, but if you wanna get some stretches done while at work, it’s a great option too!

Customer Review:
“I got rid of my chair and honestly this has made my upper back pain go away. I am a student and mom and I’m online all the time with homework and I would be so stiff and in so much pain. This small change of getting rid of my chair which was comfy and making myself sit on this ball has done more for my back then a year of physical therapy. Also it goes right under my desk and BONUS my husband can no longer hang every towel he uses to shower on the back of my chair and use it like a coat rack. I can’t praise this enough and it works great for my 4 year old who has sensory processing disorder/ADHD it’s one of the suggested Proprioceptive Activities suggested for high energy sensory seeking kids. Thanks!”

Buy for $14.99 – $31.99 (depends on size and color)

14. Small Fidget Ball

Small Fidget Ball


Need something to fidget around with and get your mind off of hectic work for a while? This ball is made of rings which you can move around, play with and again, relieve your anxiety if you’re prone to it under stress.

Customer Review:
“From an artistic standpoint, this is a beautiful object. However, as a fidget for my son who has ADD it is fantastic. He loves it. I initially ordered him just one but he loved it so much he wanted more so that he could keep a couple in his desk at school and some “back-ups” at home.”

Buy for $9.99

15. Squishy Pineapple Stress Ball

Squishy Pineapple Stress Ball


More often than not, those with sedentary jobs who have to type and mangle their keyboards all day long; their fingers can get tired. From time to time, one must take a step back, a short break perhaps and just squish away this stress ball. It’ll help relax your fingers and improve blood circulation in your hands as well.

Customer Review:
“A ton of fun and quite big! I love that there is a traditional colorway of the pineapples and then a more fun and rainbow color! I have enjoyed playing with these myself and plan to get some for a friend for her classroom!!”

Buy for $19.99

16. Scalp Scratcher

Scalp Scratcher


It’s like 20 relaxing fingers giving you a scalp massage. This scalp-massager is honestly a must-have. It will have you feeling relaxed at work in just a few minutes time.

Customer Review:
“If heaven was a feeling, this is probably what it would feel like. Seriously, this thing puts you into a deep relaxation. I originally bought this head massager to help stimulate my hair follicles so hopefully my hair would grow a little faster. I religiously massage my scalp for about a minute every night before bed. It relaxes me so much I can fall asleep within minutes. I love this thing. Buy it.”

Buy for $10.99 ($11.99)

17. Adult Coloring Book

Adult Coloring Book


Who said coloring books are just for kids? Adults can have some fun time with these adult-coloring books. They relieve stress, allow you to focus and are one hell of a way to pass some time at work when you’re feeling slightly cheesed-off!

Customer Review:
“After my skydiving accident I haven’t been able to walk. There’s only so much tv or phone to keep my time occupied so this book really helped me pass time. It gets addicting. There’s a lot to choose from as well. Have blast with it so far!”

Buy for $5.54

18. Mini Coffee Maker

Mini Coffee Maker


Coffee is always a good idea to take a few minutes off work and just take a deep breath. The best part about this coffee-maker is that it’s portable and can sit right at your desk. Now you don’t gotta head out to get some or run to the pantry. Just chill in your space and make yourself some a cuppa Joe.

Customer Review:
“I live in a small efficiency apartment with limited counter space. It fits perfectly in the space I have, and it’s so easy to use.”

Buy for $77.95

19. Thinking Putty

Thinking Putty


Work’s got you thinking hard and your brain feels kinda numb? Keep your hands busy while you and your grey cells go at it. A preoccupied pair of hands might just help you think better. Also, stretching out some putty is a great way to relax your muscles and get some blood flowing in your hands.

Customer Review:
“I love this stuff! I have had carpal tunnel surgeries and this is a great way to exercise and strengthen my hands and wrists. I also have some A.D.D. and it helps there too, love the colors, I squeeze and stretch it while watching TV too. It was hard to open at first because it had shifted and was stuck to the bottom and lid. Don’t be discouraged by its first appearance.”

Buy for $13.94

20. Glazed Nut Mix Variety Pack

Glazed Nut Mix Variety Pack


Want to take a short break? How about taking a snack break? Get charged up with this yummy variety pack of delicious and nutritious nut packs. They are easy to store and not much of a hassle to snack on!

Customer Review:
“This snack is everything! The nuts are fresh-tasting and have the perfect, just out of the shell texture that combines crunchy chewiness like only nature packed nuts can. On occasion, I eat these as a snack, but more often I sprinkle a tablespoon or so to my oatmeal and!!”

Buy for $19.69

We’re sure you’re looking forward to your next break after having gone through these products. So…. what’s going to be your escape?

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