20 Things Every Coffee Lover NEEDS In Their Lives Right About Now

Does your day begin with a strong caffeine-induced kick to your brain? Are you someone who cannot be spoken to before downing a big mug of coffee early in the morning? Yes? We feel you! Here’s a list of 20 things that will put you right in the dreamland of coffee paradise. From cloth filters, to french press, to beautiful mugs, there’s something for everyone!

1. A way to go old-school with your coffee is by using a French Press Coffee Maker. This press will brew you a premium cup of coffee in just 4 minutes. All you gotta do is simply add course ground coffee, hot water, and press!

French press for coffee

Zolo Home

Customer Review:
“Yes, its great for coffee and thats been reviewed by many. What isnt mentioned is how great it is at brewing other hot drinks: tea, citris rind beverage, hot ginger tea for a sore throat, even real hot cocoa nib hot chocolate. leaves no particles, perfect size for a couple cups. combine with a tea kettle, mortar & pestle, sharp knife, citrus rind plane maybe and you can make any natural hot home beverage”

Buy for $34.63

2. Why not start your day with some coffee art? Now whether you’re making a cup of coffee for yourself or for someone else, add an artistic element to it with this super cool cappuccino stencil set.

Cappuccino Coffee stencil set


Customer Review:
“Love these. They work great, if I prepare the foam right. For me this means the top of the foam should no higher than the rim of the cup and I rest the stencil on top of the cup.”

Buy for $7.49

3. This electric pour-over kettle for your coffee is what coffee dreams are made of. Now brew your coffee like a pro with this kettle that also comes with a 1-year warranty. Score!

Electric coffee kettle


Customer Review:
“I was hesitant to spend this much on a variable temp gooseneck kettle but I am so glad I did. It checked off all the boxes…variable temp, hold setting, quick to heat, gooseneck, AND it was the best-looking one! We have been using a gooseneck stovetop kettle for a few years for pour-over and wanted more control over the water temp (I’d often forget I put the kettle on and start multitasking). This heats the water so quickly which is great in the morning. And the hold feature is my best friend for when I’m multitasking. I’m able to pour over my coffee when it is convenient and not have to worry about taking it off the stovetop immediately as I did before.”

Buy for $149.00

4. Tend to scoop your coffee straight out of a bag? Well then isn’t it annoying to dirty a spoon every time you have to make coffee? This wood coffee scoop with bag clip is just what you need!

Wooden coffee scoop


Customer Review:
“I love this thing! It’s convenient and works! Also it looks nice. I also like that it isn’t metal.”

Buy for $6.98

5. Are you someone who makes yourself a hot cup of coffee and then gets busy with work, forgets to drink it? This stainless steel vacuum insulated tumbler is something you gotta get your hands on!

Insulated coffee tumbler

Tools and Toys

Customer Review:
“I have a toddler and she keeps me very busy so I kept coming back to cold coffee. It was getting really old so I started putting it in my 30 oz Yeti Rambler. It worked great but I really prefer a mug. I was so excited to come across this! It’s perfect. I actually have to leave the lid off for a bit so it can cool down enough to drink! If I get up and won’t be able to come back and drink it for a while I just put the lid on and it stays warm till I get back to it. Definitely recommend for toddler mamas!”

Buy for $37.93

6. Got a few guests over and it suddenly turns into an all-adult-working-espresso party? These 4 set espresso cups are sure to come in handy then. They are simple yet very classy.

Espresso coffee mugs

@espronic / Instagram

Buy for $79.95

7. Yes, you can get recipes of how to make the perfect cup of coffee online, but nothing tells it like a recipe book or a coffee-oriented hand guide at that. This also makes for a fun coffee table or kitchen island book dontchya think? Get The New Rules of Coffee: A Modern Guide for Everyone today.

The New Rules of Coffee - book

@chiquititocafe / Instagram

Customer Review:
“This book is amazing. The people behind sprudge have such an amazing wealth of knowledge and this book proves that. The simple artwork let’s you focus on the content and not fancy visuals. Anyone working in the coffee field or just interested in coffee should buy this book.”

Buy for $9.35

8. Like to keep things organic and old-school? How about you replace your paper coffee filters with this environment-friendly and reusable cloth coffee filter? It comes with a handle, so you don’t have to worry about burning yourself.

Cloth coffee filter


Customer Review:
“Having never used cloth filters before, this is a revelation for me. Really clean and well made. I don’t know about the flavor being an issue. I am a bit skeptical about using soap, but I’m sure that would be fine too. It also dries out nicely as it can stay study upside down when leaving them out.”

Buy for $12.15

9. Drinking the same coffee can get boring every day. How about you get yourself a variety pack of Keurig Compatible Cups by Real Good Coffee Co? You can not only experiment with flavors, but these cups are compatible and easy to use!

Keurig Compatible Coffee Cups

Real Good Coffee Co / Instagram

Customer Review:
“Just received my coffee k-cups today and I am so excited to try them! Very happy I purchased the variety box, that way I can see which one I like best, but I know that will be a very hard choice. Shipping was EXTREMELY FAST also. “

Buy for $ 19.99 ($23.99)

10. Here’s a gadget that will add a lil something to your everyday cuppa! The Nespresso Aeroccino4 Milk Frother provides you an option of both hot and cold foam coffee. The best thing? This lil kitchen gadget is dishwasher-proof!

Nespresso Aeroccino4 Coffee Frother


Customer Review:
“I wanted to order the cheap milk frother, but noooo my husband insisted that we get the Aeroccino because he’d had one before. And thank goodness he did. I was skeptical, but no more. Although expensive, this thing is worth every.single.penny. Each morning I get up looking forward to my yummy latte or cappuccino. 1% milk tastes like whole and every cup is perfect. Easy to use and wash up.”

Buy for $124.99

11. We cannot get over how cute these tropical travel mugs are! They have a fun pop of color, are the right size, and very handy. Next time you’re stepping out and don’t have much time for a cup of coffee, make one for the way!

Tropical travel coffee mugs


Customer Review:
“I like the work by this artist. This mug has a unique different art work on it and I absolutely love it.”

Buy for $34.00

12. Looking for the perfect gift for a coffee-lover? This garden party monogram personalized alphabet mug is where your search comes to an end. While you’re at it, how about you get one for yourself. They’re available in all 26 letters.

Monogram personalized alphabet coffee mugs


Customer Review:
“Love this mug! I get so many compliments on my morning Zoom calls about it. Not sure why the one bad reviewer left that low rating about assortment when the picture depicts exactly which color your letter gets! The mugs come in different colors, but the color will always be consistent by the letter (as seen in picture). I think that was an unfortunate (for them) coincidence and should not reflect poorly on these beautiful mugs. :)”

Buy for $14.00

13. In every house, a classic coffee table in the living room is a must. When we say must, we mean if you’re a coffee drinker, you know you’d like to sit by the table and sip on your cuppa in peace, right? Here’s a statement piece for you!

Coffee table

J C Penny

Buy for $318.89 ( $450)

14. Why have just one boring mug to drink your refreshing coffee beverage out of when you can have so many coffee mugs! Add this beautiful set of eclectic mugs to your collection, today!

Coffee mugs

J C Penny

Buy for $36

15. At the cost of drinking your brewed cuppa coffee, you don’t want the mug leaving rings all over your house now, do you? To stylishly keep those notorious water-rings off, here’s a 4 piece set of metallic edge rose quartz coasters you could get.

Rose quartz coffee coasters


Buy for $29.99

16. Just as its name suggests, this pack with dark roast coffee beans is realllllyyy good. Looking for a good organic coffee bean brand? Real Good Coffee Co – Certified Organic Light Roast Coffee Beans is where it’s at.

Real Good Coffee Co - Certified Organic Light Roast Coffee Beans

Real Good Coffee Co / Instagram

Customer Review:
“Where has this been all of my life?!?! I love coffee but am not really into bitter coffee, which most places make. I read about how some Scandinavian countries enjoy light roast coffee and drink it straight with nothing added. I bought this one to try and I can confirm that it is a light roast and you can drink it straight from the cup with nothing added to it and it both smooth and light.”

Buy for $24.99

17. Do you grind your own coffee beans and make your morning cuppa? You know, we’ve got you a game-changer for your beverage. Sure you might have a grinder, but this conical burr coffee grinder is something else. Heck it comes with 40 grinder settings!

Conical burr coffee grinder


Customer Review:
“Grinds beans pretty fast. Coffee has been tasting fantastic since buying this; I’m coming from a blade grinder and had been using a manual burr grinder but have found the effort a little much for a daily coffee for two. It runs far quieter than the (cheaper) Cuisinart that a roommate used to have, so it’s a pretty acceptable noise level but by no means silent. Pictures give a sense of scale on a countertop. Overall I’m very happy with this purchase!”

Buy for $139.00

18. Who says you gotta spend $$$ to get barista-like A-grade coffee? Get this set of Starbucks Variety Syrups and experiment with your coffee drinks at home. You can also come up with some of your signatures with these yummy syrups.

Starbucks Variety Syrups

@_i_roni_c_ / Instagram

Customer Review:
“I love all the flavors! I use Starbucks Verismo coffee machine with the Verismo cups from Starbucks to brew my coffee, and add those syrup to flavor and sweeten my coffee. It makes my coffee taste just like Starbucks coffee! Love them <3”

Buy for $29.44

19. Perpetually losing your coffee filters around the kitchen or have you just not found an efficient way to store them? We have a solution for you. Presenting this super-cool coffee filter holder. Now you’ll always know where your filter is when you want a cup of coffee.

Coffee filter holder

Amazon Customer – Dea

Customer Review:
“Absolutely love this coffee filter container! Works great for my drink station area! Great way to display the filters and get rid of those boxes!”

Buy for $15.99

20. Having your mugs just lying around can look super lousy. A good way to keep your kitchen island clean and showcase your coffee mugs is with this bamboo coffee mug tree. Get one already!

bamboo coffee mug tree for coffee


Customer Review:
“Works great! Got it for my cubicle at work. Sturdy and easy to put together. I’m glad the wood looks lighter in person. The photos made it look a bit orange. There are two arms you screw in yourself–I opted to leave an arm in the back off so it doesn’t stick out as far from the wall.”

Buy for $13.66 ($16.99)

With so many goodies to choose from, you can now take your pick to induce your caffeine kick.

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