Then And Now Photos Of People That Capture The True Beauty Of Ageing

We know, nothing’s forever. With time everything changes. So do we. An Opava-based photographer Jan Langer visually presents the inevitable changes that come with aging in his sentimental series–––Faces of Century. With 100-year-old Czechs as his muses, Langer explores the effects of time through a collection of then-and-now photos.

Faces of Century is a collection of several pairs of photos. Each coupled combination pictures the same person as a young adult and as a centenarian. To amply showcase the changes evident in each individual’s appearance, the subjects recreate the poses present in the older photographs.

Through these comparisons, Langer allows viewers to discern the visual similarities and differences between the photos. “Time is shrinking,” Langer comments, “as are the faces of the elders.

Let’s see what it’s like to be 100 years old through these then-and-now-photos from Jan Langer’s series.

Antonín Kovář, 25 years old and 102 years old

Marie Burešová, 23 years old and 101 years old

Prokop Vejdělek, 22 years old and 101 years old

Bedřiška Köhlerová, 26 years old and 103 years old

Stanislav Spáčil, 17 years old and 102 years old

Vlasta Čížková, 23 years old and 101 years old

Ludvík Chybík, 20 years old and 102 years old

Anna Vašinová, 22 years old and 102 years old

Antonín Baldrman, 17 years old and 101 years old

Anna Pochobradská, 30 years old and 100 years old

Vincenc Jetelina, 30 years old and 105 years old

Ludmila Vysloužilová 23 years old and 101 years old

You can see the entire series and read about each individual on Langer’s website.

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