Wildlife Photographer Captures Squirrels And Small Creatures In A Fascinating Light

Niki Colemont, a Rwandan genocide survivor had a sit down with 60 Second Docs to talk about his eternal love for taking photographs of squirrels.

He went on to explain how he’s extremely fond of the curious nature of his subjects. He also adds how he doesn’t mind waiting for as long as possible to get the perfect capture.

60 Second Docs

He takes pride in the fact that all his pictures are authentic. He never manipulates them. Well, we think that’s really cool too.

Niki Colemont, the wildlife photographer is a Rwandan genocide survivor who fled and saved himself at just four years of age. He was a refugee in Belgium. This National Geographic 2019 finalist tells us how he finds peace in photographing squirrels. He says they’re the ‘the perfect models.’

Care for some peanuts? This squirrel surely does and has bagged a trolley full! Lucky guy.

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The perfect way to unwind? A picnic by oneself in the park. This squirrel looks like serial chiller. We stan!

This squirrel’s out on a shopping spree looks like.

Here’s some of Colemont’s work with squirrels and other small animals.

Peek-a-boo! I see you.

One thing’s for sure, our man Niki Colemont definitely knows how to get the attention of the adorable and majestic creatures. He’s got an eye for it, don’t you think?

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