Smart Dog Receives Award For Saving His Owner’s Life

Astro, an American Pit Bull Terrier, alerted a Good Samaritan that his owner was having a medical emergency. The call was then forwarded to emergency medical personnel.

Astro, accompanied by his family, was presented with an award as well as a special dog cake. The El Paso Fire Department officials said the call was unlike anything they’d seen before.


An EPFD spokesperson, Enrique Duenas-Aguilar, said. “We know that the dog was even trying to climb into the ambulance with the owner, firefighters had to lure him into a vehicle for family members to come and pick him up and without his help, the patient might have never been found.Reports WGN9

The family said that Astro had never received any advanced training to warn anyone in the case of an emergency. Astro was rescued by the family about a year ago after he was reported as a stray on the streets.

Pit bull rewarded

Briana Sanchez / PASO TIMES

The victim’s mother and Astro’s owner, Bertha Martinez, said that “We never thought in a million years he’d do something like that. I’ve always been scared of Pitbulls and when we brought him home, I wasn’t sure we’d keep him for a long time cause he was going to grow up. If you treat them well and don’t harm them or anything, then they become what he is.

Interim director for El Paso Animal Services, Ramon Herrera said that this is a great example of not judging dogs based on their breeds.

Not only was he a friend, but he was there to help when his owner needed him the most. He really set an example for dogs that look just like him, Astro is definitely a Pitbull and that is one of the main breeds you find in many shelters.

He urges people to adopt dogs from shelters rather than from breeders.

Astro’s family said that he will be lavished with extra love and treats and that he will have a permanent home with them.

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