Simpsons Predicted Kamala Harris’ Inauguration Outfit 21 Years Ago!

Simpsons At It Once Again! They Predicted Kamala Harris' Inauguration Outfit FI

Call it a coincidence or prediction, but popular sitcom ‘The Simpsons’ seemed to have envisioned US Vice President Kamala Harris’ purple outfit 21 years ago in one of the episodes. 

On Wednesday, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ swearing-in ceremony became the most-watched inauguration ceremony in the world. Harris became the first woman as well as the first woman of African American and South Asian descent to become Vice President of the United States. 

She wore a bright purple outfit by American designers Christopher John Rogers and Sergio Hudson. And accessorized it with a custom pearl necklace by Puerto Rican designer Wilfredo Rosado.

Some fans on Twitter pointed out that Kamala’s outfit was eerily similar to The Simpsons’ character, Lisa. It was from an episode that aired two decades ago.

In Episode 17 of Season 11 of the show – ‘Bart to the Future’, Lisa Simpson becomes the first female President of the United States. On her first day at the White House, the grown-up Lisa can be seen wearing the exact same outfit as Haaris did on Wednesday. A purple dress with a coat and a string of pearls around her neck!

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In fact, this particular episode had also predicted Donald Trump’s presidency. According to a New York Post, Lisa takes over the post after Donald Trump. In the episode, Lisa tells her advisors that her administration has been left with quite a budget crunch by her predecessor, Trump.

This is not the first time that ‘The Simpsons’ have predicted the future on several occasions including the recent Capitol Hill violence, the coronavirus pandemic, and more. 

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