Rescue Kitten Truffles Wears Specks For Children To Make Them Feel Confident

Rescue Kitten Truffles Wears Specks For Children To Feel Confident In Them FI

For those of us who aren’t blessed with 20:20 vision, choosing the first pair of glasses can be quite difficult. Especially when you’re a child. A sassy cat named Truffles is helping children see the beauty in wearing glasses.

Danielle Crull, who owns A Child’s Eyes in Pennsylvania, adopted Truffles the cat back in 2016.

And gave her a very im-paw-tant role at her opticians.

Truffles the kitty makes children feel more comfortable, and she even has her own range of pawesome frames.

She has already proved to be the purr-fect employee as children have already expressed comfort in wearing glasses after seeing her.

Truffles is a champion for vision, an encourager to children. Truffles wears glasses to help children everywhere feel more comfortable in theirs,’ says her official Facebook page.

Crull has trained Truffles to wear 20 different pairs of glasses without lenses, a pair of sunglasses with lenses and even an eyepatch, to help children get over their insecurities.

Clients are as young as 4 months old; most are 2-5 years old. Children can feel scared or insecure about being fitted for glasses, but when Truffles struts out modeling her stylish frames, everything changes.

Many kids are diagnosed with amblyopia, which is often known as a lazy eye, and are given an eyepatch as treatment.

One of the best reminders for those that face hard times and struggles is to know you are not alone. Kids who patch their eyes to treat amblyopia and other vision disorders need to know this one simple thing…they are not alone,’ a post on Truffles’ Facebook reads.

What a purr-fect message to send to children.

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