This Real-Life Hobbit House In Wisconsin Is Up For Sale

If you are a Lord Of The Rings fan, then you have just found your dream home! This cute hobbit house was built in 1972 by UW-River Falls professor Pat Clark and Emogene Nelson and was designed by architect Mike McGuire.  And this house can be yours for $275,000 or even less if you’re willing to bargain.

real life hobbit house

As much as this house looks like a movie set and not so comfortable for living, surprisingly on the inside this house it’s equipped with all the needed space and amenities for a family to live in.

The family room is spacious. It has a fireplace, benches, storage space, and high ceilings. There’s also a kitchen space included, two spacious bedrooms, on-suite laundry facilities, and to top it all is an indoor parking garage.

Hobbit house is up for sale
Cute hobbit house
hobbit house

Image Credits: Edna Realty INC

This beautiful house is nestled into a hillside in a remote part of Wisconsin in the United States.

It is a unique place to relax, unwind and work while surrounded by beautifully crafted wooden furniture and antique-like features, and nature.

Would you like to live in this hobbit house?

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