Video Captures Outdoor Cats’ Reaction On Stepping Inside A House For The First Time

If there’s one thing we have understood during this pandemic is that we like company of others. And just like we humans need each other, animals are no different. Most of us, usually serve stray animals some food or place a bowl of water. But this man has taken it to the next level by making a separate room for 9 outdoor cats and letting them live there.

Scroll down to see the reaction of the stray cats when they entered the house for the first time, ever!

Walter Santi is a YouTube channel where a man posts various videos showing the odds and ends from the daily life of his dog and his 2 indoor and 9 outdoor cats. A few months ago, he decided to prepare a separate room for his outdoor cats where they could hang out and chill, whenever they please. Because who can tell them to do anything?!

He filmed their very first moments stepping inside the house for the first time ever.

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The owner of the Walter Santi YouTube channel has 2 indoor cats 9 outdoor cats and one dog.

Small cat rooms
Adorable cat rooms
cat rooms, outdoor cats

Image credits: walter santi

The room was thoughtfully prepared by building several adorable little cat houses, putting out individual food bowls, a cat tower, and hanging up a few photos capturing some of the sweetest moments of those cats from the other videos on the channel.

This is their first time stepping inside this house.

Image credits: walter santi

When the man opened the door so the cats could get in, most of them seemed quite prying about the new space. A few of them walked straight in and began inspecting the room while others looked at it pretty skeptically and needed more time to finally be able to step inside. After all, what can we say, cats were doing cat things.

small cute cat tower
cat standing on a small house
cat peeping out of the window
Cat entering the house
Can inside her room
Cute little houses
Roaming inside the house
 eating their meal
 checking everything

Image credits: walter santi

The owner of the Youtube channel ‘Walter Santi’ takes care of 9 stray cats—D’Artagnan, The Rolling Cat, The Purring Cat, D’Artagnan’s girlfriend, Porthos, Zoom, Junior, The Mom Cat, and The Big Head—who has been living in his garden for a few years now and have never been invited inside the house. Until now.

Watching these cats’ reaction to entering a house and having their own place to live in – it’s just wholesome!

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