20 Simple Life Hacks That Were Always Right In Front Of You

Remember when Bill Gates said, “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” Perhaps, he was right!
The best thing about laziness is, you’d always find the quickest hacks to solve the most frustrating of problems.

Munchable has found some best tips and tricks that will just simplify your life. You will be glad that you found out about these hacks.

1. Use a lego as a cord holder


2. Tennis ball used as ‘anything’ holder


3. No Corkscrew? No problem, We gotcha!

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Use a hammer and a screw to pull the cork out.

4. Keep it airtight!

5. Wrap your Christmas tree in a way that you don’t have to redo it next year.


6. Can’t reach the blinds to clean? Here is the solution mate

7. Cleaning a showerhead


Mix 1/3 cup of baking soda with 1 cup of vinegar. Fill a plastic bag with the resulting mixture, and wrap it around your shower head. Use some string to tie the bag around the neck of the showerhead to keep it in place. Leave for 2-3 hours.

8. Make more room for drying the clothes

quick life hacks


9. Want to keep eggs safe during a road trip? Put them in a jar and reuse them.

amazing quick life hacks

10. Find small lost things easily

quick life hacks

Just cover the end of your vacuum cleaner with a stocking or pantyhose, and start your search.

11. The Best way to hide your spare keys

12. Mount an iPad or tablet with some command hooks for an easy TV or night clock in college


13. Use a magnetic strip to keep your bobby pins organized and you won’t lose them again

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14. Save yourself from hurting your fingers. Use a clothespin to hammer nails on the wall.

15. Do this if your fly won’t stay up. Attach a keyring to the zipper and hang it over the button

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16. Vacuuming window frames

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A great way to clean your window frame is to use a toilet paper tube on the end of your vacuum cleaner’s suction tube.

17. Secure valuable items on the beach

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Carry a fresh diaper whenever you go to a beach to keep your valuables in it. No ones gonna pick a diaper!

18. That slit had a purpose bigger than your life’s purpose!

amazing life hacks


19. How to know who sells your data online?


When you sign up for websites, sign up for them using the website name as your first name so when they sell your information, you know who to confront.

20. Heat two plates at a time with the help of a glass to make room for more food


These quick life hacks are really handy. Let us know which one of these hacks saved you today!