A Woman Found Her Puppy Chewing A Bone With A Note Telling Her That It Was Poisoned

A woman was taken aback when she discovered a mysterious bone in her garden for her dog, along with a note warning that it was poisoned. The dog barks ‘too much,’ read the letter, ‘and must be poisoned.’

The Portuguese Podengo––Jolene was found near the bone in the backyard at 6 a.m. on Monday.

Ms. Blair went out to find the puppy at the side of the yard when the puppy did not return to her in the morning, as she normally did.

After the poisoning incident, the seven-month-old poor dog was rushed to the vet and had to spend the day there.

Ms. Blair said, “I went down there and It was bone, and it was one of those ones that you have to go to the pet store to get there like a freeze-dried bone, quite big,” She said that she initially tossed it back over the fence and returned home.

Something made me go down there [again], and then I looked down. There was a letter, but it was sealed in an envelope and it had the message on it.

The note said, ‘Your dog is to be poisoned, to [sic] much barking, sorry but no choice, your falt [sic].”

Poisoned bone with a note


note saying the bone is poisoned


“I just started freaking out and I started screaming at my husband, ‘go get the bone'” said Ms. Blair.

Jolene was rushed to the North Shore Veterinary Hospital in Artarmon, where she was given medication to make her vomit.


We don’t know for sure (the bone was poisoned), but I wasn’t going to take any chances. I mean it’s obviously quite threatening,” Said Ms. Blair

Ms. Blair said Jolene began to shake after being brought home, so she had to be taken back and monitored at the animal hospital for the rest of the day.

She said Jolene and two other dogs had a 20-minute barking fit the Saturday before the incident.

Ms. Blair was selling her other dog, who didn’t get along with the cat to someone who brought his dog over to see if they get along.

Jolene barked again later that night in the yard because she was ‘looking for her mate,’ and a female voice shouted, ‘Shut up!

She was barking, but we brought her back inside.”

Ms. Blair, who lives next to a 60-unit building, got sweet Jolene as a Christmas present after her previous dog died of cancer.

Ms. Blair called Chatswood Police after the first vet visit, and they came to examine the backyard and take the note for DNA testing.

When I got back from the hospital the first time I called the police and they didn’t even say “did you want us to come over”, they said “we’re coming over,”‘ Ms. Blair said.  

“They went on and knocked on the door to get the body corporates number to contact everybody in the apartment.

Ms. Blair hopes that the suspect is apprehended or at the very least scared off by the news coverage the note has received.

“People take it seriously when you threaten a little puppy,” Said Ms. Blair

The puppy, thankfully, did not suffer any significant complications and is now alive and well.

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