Top 8 Gaming Apps To Play And Win Money!

Play And Win Money With The Best Gaming Apps

Do you spend most of your time on mobile gaming apps? Would you just want to play on gaming apps, or rather play and win money on gaming apps? Of course, the latter!

Dear gamers, it’s time to put your hobby to good use. These top 8 mobile gaming apps will pay you when you play games, so install them already!

1. Probo

Probo is a must-have app if you want to sound smart at your next dinner table conversation. You can give opinions on anything, for example, ‘Will Ranbir and Alia get married this year?’ The app gives you market pulse based on which you can place your opinion with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’. If your prediction is correct you win cash rewards.

Why should you download this app?
– Trade your opinions. Put your money where your mouth is!
– Win cash rewards for true opinions.

Google Play Rating: 3.1/5

Customer Review:
Really engaging app for the sports enthusiasts out there, especially exciting to those who follow every detail. Vivek Vinu

2. Loco

Loco offers an excellent opportunity for game streamers to earn money. Watch your favorite gamers stream their games live. You can also share your live stream, increase your watch hours, and get paid for it! It is India’s go-to gaming app to watch, stream and play games like Battlegrounds Mobile India, Call Of Duty Mobile, GTA-5, and much more.

Why should you download this app?
– Stream LIVE games on Loco for free just using your phone
Get a chance to earn up to ₹50,000 every month!

Google Play Rating: 4.4/5

Customer Review:
Very good application. Fully satisfied with this app. Very easy to use. Watch live stream matches for free with good quality. Highly recommended.” – Pace Kennon

3. Ludo Empire

Ludo Empire - play and win

Google Play

Ludo Empire is ‘the gaming app’ for you if you want a seamless Ludo playing experience. The best feature of this multiplayer live gaming platform is the ‘counter mode‘ where you can finish and win money twice as fast. The ensured fair play and instant payout only make it better!

Why should you download this app?
– Win a game with just two pawns across the finish line in ‘counter mode’
– Earn money two times faster than any other Ludo game!

Google Play Rating: 3.7/5

Customer Review:
“A fantastic platform to play and earn. If you can strategize and play you will earn well. And the transfers are fast as well. Good game, good developers.” Avishek Basu Baul

4. Ludo Ninja

Ludo Ninja

Adds some fun twists to your classic board game with Ludo Ninja. You get a limited number of moves instead of dice rolls in the game, and the one who reaches home first wins the cash prize. Oh, and yes, if you don’t move within the allotted 10 seconds, it leads to a ‘skip‘ of turn. So to win exciting prizes, you got to be attentive like a Ninja!

Why should you download Ludo Ninja?
– Win a game without even rolling the dice, using just your super skills.

– Become a Ninja Ludo Ninja today to earn cash prizes!

5. Ludo Supreme

Ludo Supreme play and win money

App Store

Ludo Supreme has a quick game format, which you can play with your friends, family, or other online players. The highest scorer wins the game once the time runs out. The best part about this app is that you can join Live tournaments 24/7 to play and win up to ₹10,00,000 every day!

Why should you download this app?
– Earn money every 10 minutes with Ludo Supreme.

– Join LIVE tournaments 24/7 to play more and win more!

App Store Rating: 3/5

Customer Review:
“Ludo Supreme’s UI is so intuitive that even my 50 yrs old mother loves playing it. Real cash rewards are icing on the cake. Plus, you can always choose to play with your friends and folks on Ludo Supreme.” – Prize Winner

6. MPL – Mobile Premier League

Mobile Premier League or MPL is India’s biggest gaming arena to play and win money for your gaming skills. You can play 60+ games including categories like fantasy sports, arcade games, card games, and more. It is a trusted platform for over 9 Crore Indians that offers exciting cash prizes!

Why should you download this app?
Play and win with your dream team on MPL.

Earn a daily winning of up to ₹40 crores, by joining tournaments.

App Store Rating: 3.8/5

Customer Review:
“I was introduced to the MPL app by my friend. I play Rogue Heist and Chess mostly on MPL and I have earned 70,000/-. The app is amazing, we can compete against each other and show who is better.” Anushk

7. Rummy Circle

Rummycircle gaming apps

Rummy Circle

Play Rummy Circle, one of the best skill-based gaming apps. Its multiplayer knock-out tournament is a tried and tested format, where you can join fast-paced competitions to earn real cash prizes. Join today and get an exclusive welcome bonus!

Why should you download this app?
– Try your hand at 13 Card Rummy, a fun-to-learn and easy-to-earn game.

Also, join knock-out tournaments to win big cash rewards!

App Store Rating: 4.4/5

Customer Review:
“I won INR 25,000 last week in the Mid Day Blockbuster tournament. It’s marvellous and an excellent experience. I love playing RummyCircle during my free time” Sumeet Asthana

8. Junglee Rummy

Junglee Rummy gaming apps

Junglee Rummy

India’s most trusted Rummy app – Junglee Rummy, offers various variants of Rummy games and free or cash tournaments. But our favorite part is the exclusive bonuses and promotions that you can avail of 24/7 on this fantastic gaming app while playing with friends and family. So, join today and get started with a welcome bonus of up to ₹8,850!

Why should you download this app?
– Don’t settle for just cash when you can win big with Junglee Rummy.

Play and win prizes like cars, bikes, and high-end phones.

Google Play Rating: 4.6/5

Customer Review:
“Junglee Rummy is the best online card game site. The payment mode is very easy here. I feel very comfortable to play here. Recently, I won the 50K Turbo Tourney. I have played at other gaming sites but Junglee rummy is still the best!” Dipankar Sarkar

All the gaming apps listed above are super easy to play and safe to earn real money, though there might be a daily or monthly earning limit. However, remember that these games are not tax-free. So keep track of your winnings while you’re gaming online, and enjoy unlimited fun!