Pistachio, A Puppy With Green Fur Born In Italy

Green Puppy Born Italy

2020 is a year we’d remember for decades. Maybe we have seen it all. But wait, have you ever seen a puppy with green fur? Pistachio is a green-furred puppy that was born in Italy on October 9.

green-furred puppy

Cristian Mallocci/Reuters

Italian Farmer Cristian Mallocci, could not believe what he saw and has named the puppy, Pistachio.

He is one of a litter of five born to his dog, Spelacchia (Italian for “mangy”). All the puppies had white fur, just like their mummy, except for this little one, who decided to do things a bit differently.

green fur, puppy

Cristian Mallocci/Reuters

Cristian told Reuters he plans to raise the puppy to look after sheep with his mother on the farm he runs with his brother-in-law, Giannangelo Liperi.

He also thinks, that green is a symbol of hope and luck, and Pistachio is just in time to ward off 2020 and usher in all things good. Well, we hope it’s true because all this cuteness couldn’t make us happier.

green fur, puppy

Cristian Mallocci/CBS

Can puppies have green fur? Well, it’s a rare phenomenon but it happens when dogs with pale fur are stained by the “meconium” in the mother’s womb, which is the earliest stool produced by an infant animal.


It could also have been caused by a green pigment in the mother’s womb called biliverdin, a pigment that causes the green color in bruises.

The green color will fade over time, as the mother bathes her puppies and they get older. Well, when Pistachio grows up, his mother will have quite a story to tell!