15 Pictures That Prove Children And Pets Belong Together

children need pets

Contemplating to adopt some fur babies for your baby? Studies have found that pets are beneficial for kids. They help in their cognitive, physical, and behavioral development. More than anything else, they provide a sense of comfort, reliability, and happiness for your kid.

In the book, The Powerful Bond Between People and Pets, psychologist Elizabeth Anderson wrote, “Nothing less than alchemy is involved when animals and children get together, and the resulting magic has healing properties that work well.”

Not convinced? These 15 photos will just make your decision process a bit easier.

1. Your kid will have someone to look up to, right from the start!

why kids need pets - dog and kid


2. They will be with each other in sickness and in health

a kid playing doctor doctor with dog


3. And form an irreplaceable bond

kids need pets - sleeping together

Jen Hendricks

4. Or, be mischievous together

cats and a child drinking milk on the floor


5. They will always be there for each other!

children need pets


Research shows that pets can actually help children to develop social skills much quicker.

6. And they will know pure love

children need pets - cats snuggling


7. While helping them ‘complete’ their assignment

cat and a kid playing together

Alina Maiboroda

8. They have your back whenever required

children need pets


9. And Grow old together

dog growing old


10. They are each other’s best friend

play together without a care in the world

Kevin Duffy

11. They are so fiercely protective that no one can tear them apart.

kids need pets


12. And, help each other

dog helping a girl drink water


13. They make sure that the other one doesn’t get hurt

girl and husky playing outside

 Viktoria Haack

14. Accept each other’s weirdness

cat and boy having fun


15. And they care for each other irrevocably

children need pets


They become family and who wouldn’t want someone as adorable as they are?