Photographer Captures Frozen ‘Slurpee’ Waves Hitting The Coast Of Nantucket

Surfer enthusiast and lifestyle photographer Jonathan Nimerfroh’s frozen waves or “Slurpee Wave” photos became a viral internet sensation. He expected nothing out of the ordinary when he pulled up to the beach one fine morning and ended up capturing some incredible shots of a cold snap of frozen waves.

Slurpee waves

He was walking along a beach on the island when he saw these waves rolling in like slush. These waves were semi-frozen due to the ice in them.

The waves appear dense and move slowly, resembling folded pastries as they rise. The surface of the waves shimmers with rippling patterns made up of millions of ice crystals. The temperature was 19F or -7.2C.

Take a loot at this beautiful view.

Frozen waves

Image Credits: Jonathan Nimerfroh

For More information on the photographer: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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