13 Smartest People Whose IQs Are Higher Than Albert Einstein’s

To be called a genius you need an IQ score of at least 140. And talking bout genius, one name does pop up in all our minds–– Albert Einstein. He likely never took an IQ test but is estimated to have an IQ score of 160. We have listed out people whose IQs are higher than Albert Einstein’s and what are their profession now.

1. Jacob Barnett — IQ 170

Álvaro / Wikimedia Commons

Profession: Theoretical physics

Age: 21

At two years old, Jacob Barnett was diagnosed with autism. His doctors predicted he’d never learn to tie his own shoes. Needless to say, he’s mastered dressing. The former prodigy finished grades 6 through 12 in less than a year, then went to college at age ten. He was a published physicist by the time he was 13. Now he’s working toward his Ph.D. at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics.

2. Ainan Cawley — IQ 250


Profession: Composer

Age: 21

Ainan Cawley is a Singaporean prodigy. At the age of 21, he has an IQ score of 250 and gave his first lecture at age 6. He has worked in the movie industry from the age of 12 as a composer, and has written, directed, and edited his own movie The Sempiternal in 2013.

3. Judit Polgár — IQ 170

Przemysław Jahr / Wikimedia Commons

Profession: International Grandmaster (chess)

Age: 44

This Hungarian chess player is known as the best female player of all time. At the age of 15, she became the youngest International Grandmaster. She has defeated 11 world champions and is the only woman to have won against a reigning world champion.

4. Sho Yano — IQ 200


Profession: Physician

Age: 30

This former child prodigy started reading at the age of 2 and writing at 3. He started composing music when he was 5 and started university at the age of 9! He joined the University of Chicago’s Pritzker School of Medicine at the age of 12 and is the youngest to get an M.D. from the school at the age of 21.

5. Edith Stern — IQ 200-205


Profession: Inventor and Mathematician

Age: 69

At the age of 5, Edith took an IQ test and had a score of 205. She went to college at the age of 12 and became the youngest person to graduate from Florida Atlantic University. She was teaching math at Michigan State University before she was even 20. And later she worked for IBM. She is credited for creating direct dialing and last-call return and has over 100 US patents.

6. Kim Ung-Yong — IQ 210


Profession: Professor

Age: 58

Kim Ung Yong has an IQ of 210. Also, he speaks more than one language. In his early childhood, he was able to speak Korean, English, French, German, and Japanese. At the age of 8, Kim was invited by NASA to study in the US. At 16, Kim left NASA and moved back to South Korea to earn a doctorate in civil engineering. Currently, Kim works in a business planning department at Chungbuk Development Corporation. 

7. Marnen Laibow-Koser — IQ 268


Profession: Composer and web developer

Age: Unknown

You might not have heard about him, but Marnen was a child prodigy. On a childhood test, he scored a high IQ score of 268. He speaks English, German, Japanese, French, Russian, Esperanto, and Klingon. He has worked as a programmer, a composer, and a musician.

8. Michael Kearney — IQ 200-325


Profession: Unknown

Age: 37

Micheal Kearney is known for setting world records for the youngest age to graduate and teach at college as a teenager. He has an IQ between 200 and 325. At the age of 10, he finished his bachelor’s degree from the University of South Alabama and at age 14 he got his master’s degree in chemistry from Middle Tennessee State University and another at age 18 in computer science from Vanderbilt University.

9. Terence Tao — IQ 220-230

Gert-Martin Greuel / Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach

Profession: Mathematician

Age: 45

Terence is a genius mathematician and has an IQ between 220-230. At the age of 9, he was already attending a university-level math course. At the age of 21, he started teaching mathematics at UCLA after getting his Ph.D. from Princeton. And he became a tenured professor by the age of 24. He is the youngest ever full professor in UCLA history.

10. Marilyn Vos Savant — IQ 186-228


Profession: Magazine columnist

Age: 74

Her IQ level holds one of the highest records, and she was only 10 when she took the test and held the Guinness World Record for the highest IQ. Marilyn is famous for her column “Ask Marilyn.” More recently she has also published several books and has become a board member of the National Council on Economic Education.

11. Evangelos Katsioulis — IQ 198

Mikecafe / Wikimedia Commons

Profession: Psychiatrist

Age: 45

He has an IQ score of 198. With his impressive IQ score, this Greek man now works as a psychiatrist. He has also founded the group AAAA.GR, which supports extraordinarily gifted children.

12. Chris Langan — IQ 195-210

Higher IQs

Gtl12345 / Wikimedia Commons

Profession: Horse rancher

Age: 68

He has an IQ somewhere between 195-210. He is among the smartest people in the world. He has developed a Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe and has published several books about it. He has also worked as a night-club bouncer and has done several side jobs to pay the bills.

13. James Maxwell — IQ 190-205

Higher IQs


Profession: Physicist

Lived: 1831 — 1879

Maxwell is a mathematical physicist with an IQ of 190-205. He is known for his theory of electromagnetic radiation, and Einstein even credits him for his work, saying he is standing on Maxwell’s shoulders.

Do you know anyone genius with a higher IQ score?

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