8 Food Delivery Apps To Order Food Right Away

Top Food Delivery App That Will Make You Drool

If you think the only food that can be cooked super-soon is 2-minute Maggi noodles, think again! Enter, food delivery apps and order delicious delicacies in just a few clicks. Here are the absolute finest food delivery apps available for download on the Samsung Galaxy Store!

1. Zomato

Zomato, a food delivery application's home and features page


There is not a single day that a bonafide foodie won’t pay their obedience to the god of food delivery, our beloved Zomato. This truest of all friends recommends restaurants, serves appetizing menus, and lets you take a sneak peek of their on-location ambiance with user-generated images. On top of that, the app delivers food from almost any corner of its operating cities, and rarely disappoints in its delivery time. Zomato’s latest feature lets you order groceries and get them delivered to your doorstep in hardly 30-45 minutes!

You can reserve a table in seconds, or place a takeaway order. The app meets you almost any and everywhere. A ‘Romantic and Nightlife tab’, collection of food blogs, super-enticing offers, and whatnot. Zomato’s social media posts are a class apart and worth an addition in your feed too, so don’t forget to give it a follow!

2. Swiggy

Swiggy, the most recommended food delivery app's home page and features


The app is in direct competition with Zomato and it’s safe to say, together, both these food-baes can keep any food lover, not at bay. Seriously, it’s hard to choose between the two. Not to forget the cherry on top, they deliver at an impressively fast speed! 

Swiggy gives you the option to avail some amazing discounts and coupons that you can use for both home deliveries and dining out. To add to this, you can choose from filters like cuisines, offers, delivery timing, ratings, and cost for two. Swiggy’s Must Try This Week and Curated For Your Needs features lets you explore some amazing Swiggy finds like personalized recommendations, essentials to indulgences.

3. Domino’s

Domino's app's home and deliver on train page for overall menu and offer


Fun Fact: A single Domino’s pizza can be created in 34 million ways.

With Dominos, it is never too late to order a pizza! The moment we crave some gooey, cheesy, and budget-friendly pizzas, Domino’s is the first thing that pops in our mind. And one can never go wrong with Domino’s Cheese Burst Margherita Pizza!

With their latest app feature, pizzas can now be delivered in your car parked outside the Domino’s outlet. Social distancing? Check! Domino’s Deliver On Train feature is one of the many reasons most Indians are excited about their train travel. You can also find tons of coupons on their web and mobile apps while ordering food from the OG pizza joint.

4. McDonald’s

McDonalds app's combo and offers home page


Think of scrumptious fries, juicy burgers, and divine coffees, and well the endless selfies with Ronald McDonald, this food chain is an emotion. Thank god they have an app and the world is so much better a place to eat in!

The easy-to-use mobile app allows McDelivery, takeaways with jaw-dropping deals and combo offers. Let’s give you a million-dollar inside news: you can order McVeg with cheese, oh yes, from the app, something even Zomato doesn’t offer in its McDonald’s menu. Order now and thank us later.

5. Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut app's UI and UX


Since there is literally no excuse required to Pizza Hut’s exotic range of pizzas, spaghetti, lip-smacking appetizers, and desserts is pure bliss for any foodie out there. Their user-friendly food delivery app allows ordering in just 5 clicks, or check ‘meals and combos‘ with options at the lowest prices in town. Their dumbfounding deals and delicious pizzas make Pizza Hut our most recommended food delivery app!

6. Dunzo

Dunzo's Essential and grocery page


With delivery assured in less than 45 minutes, get ready to bid adieu to your mid-day or midnight hunger pangs with the Dunzo food delivery app. Worried about getting the groceries in between an important work Zoom call? Make work and life easy as you can now order groceries, daily essentials, your favorite cuisines, treats for your pets, and much more with just a tap of your finger. Timely delivery of medicines from local chemists, pick and drop off packages within the city, and hot food delivered from some of your favorite food outlets—are some of the few reasons why Dunzo is everybody’s hot favorite. Want to book a bike taxi but not go through the traffic hassle? Fret not! With Dunzo Bike Taxi you can zoom through the traffic anywhere in the city within minutes.

7. Cult Fit

Cult Fit app's Meals Plan page


Design your diet charts with ease and keep your health in check with the Cult Fit app. The app has it all figured out for you – from groceries to cooking and recipes to fitness regimes, all under one click. . The Cult Fit app lets you schedule the food delivery as per your convenience, helping you keep your meal times in check. To place an order from the Cult Fit app, all you need to do is log in, tap on Order Meals located right on the top, choose from a plethora of healthy meal options, and voila! Your order is placed. With this app, you can even choose from a variety of meal subscriptions.

8. Oven Story

Oven Story app's Home Page and Ui


With the Ovenstory Pizza delivery app, you get to order amazing, gooey cheesy pizzas, anytime and anywhere. Wait, there’s more! With unpredictable health scenarios, the Oven Story team ensures that the pizzas are always prepared, baked, and delivered with all safety precautions in place.

Gearing up to host a game night for your friends and their friends? Order in Oven Story’s ultimate all-in-one party bag. This bag contains pizzas, garlic bread, beverages, brownies, a party playbook, party games, lights, props, and much more, ensuring that your weekend game nights are a smashing success.

Now tell us in the comments: What would you order first, pizza or burgers?