Watch: This Doctor Debunked Vaccine Conspiracy Theories In Less Than 1 Minute

NHS Doctor Explains Vaccine

In this age of the Internet and social media, everything is out there for you to find out. Information is ready with a click of a button, so it’s imperative, that many would like to believe that the Earth is flat, Covid is a hoax and wel, vaccine isn’t required!

As the novel Coronavirus took over the whole wide world in 2020, many people have become averse to modern medicine and vaccines. This only led to many doctors to come up on social media and bust some common myths and conspiracy theories. Enter, Ben Janaway, and NHS doctor who decided to do his bit as well, not taking more than a minute on Twitter!

Ben Janaway took up to Twitter to debunk some basic conspiracy theories and myths surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine.

NHS Doctor debunks vaccine theories


“Vaccines are made of an inert or dead form of a virus inserted into the body so the body’s white blood cells—i.e. its immune system—can develop a natural immune response, so when encountering a wild-type version of a virus, it breaks it down without any symptoms,” Ben says. “This breaks the chain of infection and reduces deaths. Millions, in fact.”

NHS Doctor debunks vaccine theories and myths


“There are no dead babies, bits of dead babies, or bits of anything else in a vaccine that is going to harm you. This is all myth,” he explains.

He also explained the real risks of vaccine-

“The actual risks of vaccines are: there is a risk of anaphylactic shock, which is vanishingly low; a risk of allergic reaction to foodstuffs that can be used (and they will ask before they give it); risk of local tissue damage (well, it is putting a needle in somebody); and a small risk of more general tissue damage, but once again, this is extremely low. You may get a few symptoms which is the body’s immune reaction, but not the virus itself.”

The irony is that his video started going viral! Here’s what people thought-

And he did all of this in under 1-minute!