Behold The New Mario Kart Rainbow Road Set By Hot Wheels!

The giants Nintendo and Hot Wheels have teamed up yet again to release Mario Kart, the much-awaited version of Hot Wheels.

mario kart

We all know how Rainbow Road has been a Mario Kart staple. There’s always been a new take on the final race in each Mario Kart game’s Grand Prix.

mario kart

This Hot Wheels’ Rainbow Road can be configured in various layouts, including a winding track filled with turns or a fast-paced downhill sprint.

mario kart

This also includes Mario and King Boo model in 1:64 scale. One can also purchase more racers separately with prices ranging between $6-21 depending on the character.

mario kart game

How cool does the Mario Kart track look!?

This particular track requires three AAA batteries to operate smoothly. It is available to pre-order on Amazon for $119.99 and the release date is set for May 29.

Is the nerd and kid in your jumping with glee? Well, we don’t blame you!

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