Social Media Is Flooded With Memes After Utah’s Mysterious Monolith Goes Missing

You have seriously underestimated social media and its ability to keep things alive if you felt “Monolith Mania” vanished once Utah’s mystical, enigmatic object went missing. By offering some of the funniest monolith-themed memes this week the Twitter universe did its thing again. Let’s see how the mysterious monolith turned into a swamp of memes.

1. Nice way to grab the attention

2. Even McDonald’s didn’t miss the chance to participate in the meme game.

3. Finally they solved the mystery

4. But who put the monolith there?

5. Yes, who did this?

6. So all this time it was just a mirror?

7. We wish!

8. I guess now we are just waiting for the Santa

8. Quite a player huh?

9. Inhabitants of the Earth are really funny

10. How in the name of God this mysterious monolith travelled its way to here?

The way it travelled to the earth.

11. It turned into a Toblerone?

12. I wonder how aliens would react to this

13. Aah the Monolitha

14. At least we know the purpose of this one

15. But this monolith appears to be cuter than the previous one

16. Amazon too joined the meme game

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