Baby Girl Showing Her Middle Finger In An Ultrasound Is What 2021 Needs

Mom Got An Ultrasound And Baby Gave A Middle Finger To Her FI

2020 will go down in history as one of the difficult years faced by humans. Everyone wanted the year to end as soon as possible. But it also taught us a lot of things. As we enter the new year with hope and optimism, we should also keep in mind that this year, we need to stop giving a f*** about what everyone thinks. And this baby girl totally agrees!


First of all, pregnancy is hard and bring in a pandemic, it can be quite stressful to the mothers. So when, Chelsea Furnival, a 23-year-old mother in South Wales, felt an alarming amount of kicks at night, so she decided to get a 4D ultrasound.

Chelsea with Adrian

“Because I’m getting bigger and she’s kicking more, I just wanted to see how much space she had…and to see her too,” she said.

In mid-sonogram, Chelsea was happily chatting with her partner Adrian and the sonographer, when this image popped up on the screen:

baby giving middle finger 2

“We all looked and she just had her middle finger up. We couldn’t stop howling, we were literally crying. The more you look at it, the funnier it gets,” Chelsea said.

Adrian said, “It was sort of a double-take moment. I remember thinking, Is that really her middle finger?”

“The sonographer just stopped and zoomed in on it for us to show it was definitely her middle finger and not her little finger.”

baby giving middle finger 3

“We were still laughing all the way to the car because I just thought, How can a baby inside a womb already know how to swear? I was in hysterics. It was like ‘goodbye to 2020.'”

Thankfully, she learned that everything was fine and that she shouldn’t be worried about all the kicking at night.


“Everything’s fine, she’s just an active baby. She’s a right drama queen, she’s going to give me a really bad attitude, I know she is.”

Image credits: Kennedy News And Media / Kennedy News and Media

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