Metalhead From Florida Turns Dead Uncle’s Skeleton Into ‘Skelecaster’ Guitar

Prince Midnight, a musician from Tampa made a rather ghoulish guitar in honor of his Uncle Filip – “the biggest metalhead I’ve ever known.”, he said. The musician made his “Skelecaster”, the bone guitar using both, the bones of his dearly departed Uncle Filip and the remains of a leftover Fender Telecaster. It so happens that his uncle was the man who introduced him to the rock back in the 1990s.

bone guitar


Filip, the musician’s uncle died in a motorcycle accident in Greece, back in 1996 at the age of 28. A local college received his skeleton as a donation. Midnight had Uncle Filip’s bones sent to him from Greece with the help of a local funeral home.

Of course, the plot thickened when he declined to buy a cemetery plot for his late Uncle.


When the bones arrived, they were in pieces. After a few weeks of showing the pieces to his friends, Prince decided “we’d turn him into a guitar”, since Uncle Filip was a huge fan of metal music.

Prince’s friends who are familiar with making guitars warned him that a guitar made of bones wouldn’t sound as good but Prince Midnight’s mind was made up.

“I didn’t care,” he said.


Turning his Uncle’s remains into a ghoulish guitar was a challenge at first. The musician had to weld a metal bar to the spine in order to attach the neck to the skeleton. He then had to make sure that the neck and bridge would be exactly parallel. If not, the guitar strings wouldn’t freely ring.

Filip’s skull was included in the remains yes, but Prince said that it was way too damaged and to be added as the head of the guitar.


Well, so much for paying homage to a loved one, yeah? Uncle Filip surely won’t roll in his grave anymore, because Price has him rocking with him.

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