Meet Barry The Canary Whose Bowl Feather Cut Has Won Internet’s Heart

Meet Barry The Canary Whose Bowl Feather Cut Has Won Internet’s Hearts FI

Meet Barry – he is an adorable Gloster canary who has won the internet’s heart with his perfectly done bowl cut. “I’m the birb with the fringe!” Barry says on his Instagram bio, where he has more than 10,900 followers now.

Barry The Canary has been on Instagram since 2019 but gained fame due to a sweet rainbow photoshoot he posed for.

Isn’t he so darn cute?

When it comes to the canaries, they are a very common pet when it comes to bird lovers. Usually, these birds are caught from the wild and then bred at sanctuaries. However, that is not the case with Gloster canaries. They did originate from the Canary Islands but are not seen in the wild.

Gloster Canaries are the result of decades-long selective breeding. The birds sporting cute “Beatles haircuts” are not as social with humans as, for example, parrots, and don’t desire much human interaction. 

The Glosters are also known to be avid and talented singers, which, along with their full crest, has caused them to become very popular among bird lovers.

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