Prank Gone Wrong: Man Hid Under The Pharmacy Counter & The CEO Arrived

Prank Gone Wrong_ Man Hid Under The Pharmacy Counter & The CEO Arrived FI

We all have some embarrassing work stories in our lives. Some are just plain stupid whereas others are downright hilarious. Christian A. Dumais shared a story on Twitter about how he was hiding inside a pharmacy counter when the CEO walked in.

Dumais shared a wholesomely hilarious story about the time he was hiding inside a pharmacy counter when the CEO walked in

pharmacy counter 3
pharmacy counter 4
pharmacy counter 5
he was still waiting
pharmacy counter 7
ceo of the company comes
hilarious reaction
pharmacy counter 10

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Dumais revealed that working in a pharmacy is tough, emotionally draining, and can cause a lot of stress.

To see people on their worst day in need of medicine, or to see people breaking down when they realize the price of the medication—these were huge life lessons for someone like me who was in university at the time. I was so lucky to work with such caring and diverse people, and moments like the ones in my story were much-needed back then,” he shared.

A few years after that, Dumais was promoted to a pharmacy auditor. It was a huge step up for him and came with a lot of responsibility. “And I remember being at the company’s headquarters and passing the CEO in the hallway. He didn’t recognize me, but I remember thinking, ‘All right, it’s over. This job was fun while it lasted.’”

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