Man Finds Dad Who Died 7 Years Ago On Google Earth

People use google earth for finding various things, from finding houses, to finding people. But Tamuchinki, from Japan, found his dad who has been dead for over 7 years.

He shared on Twitter that he decided to search his parent’s house on google out of boredom during the pandemic. He was shocked to discover that the Google camera had caught his late father standing by the side of the road waiting for his mother.

TeacherUfo Twitter
Found his dad on google earth, who has been dead for over 7 years.


Following this tweet other netizens also shared their findings on Google Earth:

Google translation
Google earth showing dead grandma


Google earth image showing dead dog


Google translation
Google earth image


These findings certainly hit us in the feels. Have you had similar findings yourself on Google Earth? If so, share them with us in the comments!

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