This Magical Bridge Of Lights In Indonesia Is A Walk To Remember

Forest Of Lights, Indonesia

Where would you like to go once the pandemic is over? Well, here’s one destination that you must add to your bucket-list. Orchid Forest Cikole in Lembang, West Java, Indonesia is a forest home to the largest collection of orchids in Indonesia, about 20,000 orchids of many rare species. But what makes this place magical bridge of lights that runs throughout the forest.

Magical Bridge Of Lights , Orchid Forest Cikole

Not only is the suspending bridge a perfect walk to remember, you are in for some stunning views as you walk on it.

Magical Bridge Of Lights , Orchid Forest Cikole

The bridge itself is made of wood and rope, and gently whirls under the dense canopies of soaring high pine trees.

Magical Bridge Of Lights , Orchid Forest Cikole

Thanks to photographer Warman Wardhani, the bridge is just a perfect destination for proposals or for those who travel for their Instagram feed.

Orchid Forest Cikole

The bridge expands at certain anchors, allowing you to drift into the natural scenery that surrounds you. During the day, one may take a chance to explore around the rare orchids native to Indonesia, Brazil, Peru, and more.

Orchid Forest Cikole , magical bridge of lights

At night, the “Garden of Lights” effect is achieved through the use of sensors that twinkle to create a light show in the late afternoon.

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You can take ethereal pauses at stairs and rest areas that blend beautifully into the whirling bridge. These too are made of wood and are often supported by tree trunks.

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