Painter Leng Jun’s Oil Paintings Are Considered The Most Realistic Paintings In The World

“In the mind of every artist, there is a masterpiece.”~Kai Greene. Artist Leng Jun is a master in putting life to art with a paintbrush. His oil paintings are considered the most realistic paintings in the world. He is particularly known for his detailed oil paintings of women, where every wisp of hair and fiber of clothing is painted with perfection. 

Leng Jun
Leng Jun
Leng Jun

I want to push my painting skills to a higher level. What is the most difficult thing? To paint people.” Leng Jun told CGNT. “For example, still life or rusted metals, they’re not something we see every day. People deal with people the most and people are most familiar with people. To portray people and make others believe is the hardest thing.

Leng Jun indeed is a master of hyperrealism!

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