15 Absolutely Spot-on Last-Minute Halloween Costumes You Can Buy Online

halloween costumes

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October’s here, which means spook is just around the corner! With yellow-hued- leaves come pumpkin-spiced lattes, chills, and horror thrills! Halloween may be a bit socially distant, this year but guys, it’s still Halloween, right?

Adam Cai / Unsplash

You must get a costume that needs nothing more than just some clicks and clever curation! We have curated a list of 15 last-minute Halloween costumes that are easy to wear, gentle on your wallet, and yet show no mercy to the spirits!

1. DIY some fun and frills to your costume this Halloween with a UFO and Alien Costume this year!

DIY Alien Halloween costume


Few products, fewer accessories, and it’s the ideal last-minute Halloween costume. Get some giant inflatable planets to complete the look. Here’s how you can DIY this Alien themed costume.

Buy Inflatable Planets ($33.99)

2. Wear this T-Rex Costume and go for an amazing park trip, perhaps to Jurassic Park?

T-rex halloween costume


Quite breathable, this one wins a brownie point for being super ‘social distancing’ friendly, without needing a mask!

Buy T-Rex Costume ($66.49)

3. To scare or not to scare, this unisex Pennywise costume is a treat for every trick-or-treater!

Pennywise halloween costume


For last-minute Halloween costume ideas, this one wins, hands down! It comes with a yellow jumpsuit, black vest, neckpiece, gloves, mask, and red wig. All you need is that the trademark red balloon and your spook game is on.

Don’t want to get into a full jumpsuit? Here’s a women’s pennywise costume to get your going.

Buy Unisex Pennywise Costume ($52.34)

Buy Women’s Pennywise Costume ($25.97)

4. Halloween meets Ghostbusters, show me a group costume idea that could be more ironic!

Ghostbuster halloween costume


A perfect last-minute-panicked-shopping option, you get a full-sleeved jumpsuit; 4 interchangeable name tags, and an inflatable proton backpack. So, all you have to do is change into this outfit and get ready to bust the hell out of the evil! (This is a great option for women’s Halloween costumes)

Buy Ghostbusters Costume ($49.99)

5. There’s no Halloween without a Wretched Witch Costume

Wretched Witch Costume

Miss Lumina Photography/Amazon

It’s classic but can any Halloween be complete without a witch costume? This wretched witch costume includes a hat, dress, and even fake black finger-nails!

Take some inspiration from this stunningly put up fortune-teller witch look, with a bold berry lip, a teal wig, and that game-changing crystal ball!

Buy Wretched Witch Costume ($75)

6. The Yin Yang Costume

Yin yang halloween costume

Walmart / unknown

What perfect excuse to bring in the dark and the light together? Get the yin to your yang into this and enjoy the circle of life! You can DIY this costume too. Plus, this is a cute couple’s costume.

Buy Ying and Yang Costume ($44.99)

7. Han Solo’s (Star Wars) inflatable costume is perfect for theme parties

han solo, Halloween Costume


Major Star Wars fan going to a theme party this Halloween? Here’s something to give some chilling stares. In fact, with your other friends, you can reenact this very scene. Han Solo is captured by Darth Vader and frozen for all eternity.

Buy Han Solo’s (Star Wars) Inflatable Costume ($64.99)

8. Flaunt your inner Gamora this Halloween

Gamora costume


Here’s a costume that demands creativity! It’s not exactly a costume you want to adorn at the last minute because you will have to do a lot of makeup. But this costume definitely makes up for the time lost otherwise.  

Buy Gamora’s Costume (26.99)

Buy Burgundy Wig ($19.99)

9. Be Jim to my Joyce this Halloween

Stranger things


Love Stranger Things? This Jim Hopper’s costume includes a shirt, pants, belt, hat, and his badges. For Joyce’s outfit, you will need a t-shirt that goes over the blue shirt.

For props, you can add a coffee mug and the iconic string of lights!

Buy Jim Hooper’s costume (Stranger Things) ($52.81)

Buy Joyce’s costume (Stranger Things) ($26.69)

10. No better time than picking up an alien costume this Halloween!

UFO and alien halloween costume


Talk about a costume that’s out of the world! This year, take your Halloween costume game to a whole new planet! This inflatable UFO alien costume is quite easy to make your way into.

Buy Inflatable Alien Costume ($92.75)

11. Get this Baby Shark costume and do the doo, doo, doo dance


Walmart / Kathryn Wirsing

Ideal for trick-or-treating, going to a costume party, or even for a school play or performance, this Shark costume will be the center of attraction. If you are going as a couple then team up with this Katty Perry (her Super Bowl show in 2015) theme.

You can mimic her outfit with a white skirt that has a red, blue, and yellow satin fabric.

Buy Shark Costume (39.49)

12. If you have planned some mischief then what better costume to wear other than Thing 1 & Thing 2!

thing 1, thing 2

Amazon/Julie Chang

And just in case, you are having a little plus one way on the way, here’s a creative way to incorporate your bump into the comfiest costume ever. This can be a great family Halloween costume too!

Buy Thing Costume (59.99)

13. Rock a group-fie with this Rock, Paper, Scissors Halloween Costume

rock, paper, scissor


Here’s a costume for a trip! Just go monochrome and add in the main props of your costume.

Buy Rock, Paper, Scissors Costume (31.41)

14. For all the Party Animals

party animal masks

Walmart / Brit + Co

In case you’re not really into the spirit, here’s something simple and wild! This is perfect for last-minute-Halloween-shopping-needs. Wear your mask on your finest apparel and get going!

Buy Animal Masks (18.49)

15. Old married couple costume to the rescue

DIY old couple look


Don’t feel like getting out of the quarantine PJs, here’s something to keep you warm and cozy. Put on a robe and get ready to stoop!

The idea is to be an old married couple and it requires just a few basic things viz., your PJs, robes, and hair rollers. That’s it!

Buy Robes ($18.99)

Buy Rollers ($8.69)

So, what are you waiting for? Shop now!