37 Best Memes From President Joe Biden’s Inauguration Day. You’re Welcome.

We gotchya Joe Biden, the memes speak for themselves this inauguration day.

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On Wednesday, he officially became the 46th president of the United States. Kamala Harris became America’s first woman vice president. What a day to be alive, right? With Trump being overthrown, the internet went amuck with these memes.

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It took place two weeks after Capitol riots. Just like every inauguration, this one had a plethora of meme-worthy moments as well.

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Some absolute gems

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Trump’s note for Joe Biden

Trump carried out America’s time-honored tradition of leaving a note for the incoming president. Of course the Twitter users couldn’t help but wonder what that note read. Here are a few mocks that are worth a laugh and a half.

Ah Bernieeee!

Once again, our man was spotted wearing the same coat and an adorable pair of mittens. He was accessorized with a mysterious envelope and here’s what the internet had to say about it.

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“Have a good life”, Joe Biden

Before Trump departed, he gave a farewell speech that ended with some casual words.

“Have a good life,” Trump said. Okay, then.

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Those fits though, damnnnn!

Of course, it was a remarkably fashionable event. New York Fashion Week who? Eminent personalities turned up in high boots, long coats and a friggin’ fresh fits’ galore. 

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We’re absolutely Gaga over this moment

Duh, Gaga being there deserves a special mention, we all know it!

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Here are some of our personal favourites 😉

Okay, Bi-deeennn! Hope we made you laugh.

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