Sculptor Jason Stieva’s New Sculpture ‘El Muerto, The Dead One’ For Gothic Times Series

Sculptor and full-time tattoo artist Jason Stieva who’s the owner of Shallow Grave Studios recently revealed his latest piece. Courtesy to #steampunktendencies the sculptor says:

Assemblage complete:):):) On my newest piece “El Muerto” (The Dead One) #27 in my Gothic Times series..Just texture and paint left to do and then get er packed up and off to San Antonio Texas for The Catacomb Saints exhibit.

There’s a keen attention to detail paid here by the sculptor.


Image Source – Steampunk Tendencies

The ‘El Muerto, The Dead One’, by sculptor Jason Stieva is one of a kind and is a striking beauty. Wouldn’t this make a stunning display piece in ones home?

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