Japanese Technician Designs A Working Portable PS4 To Play On The Go!

Working Portable PS4

This is a dream come true for every gamer ever! A Japanese technician has created a working portable PS4 and reassembled it into a silver briefcase. user DX Terraria shared his accomplishment on Twitter, saying it took him over 10 months to complete the design!

The console comes in a silver briefcase, with the flip-up lid doubling up as a screen to play on. The working console, which weighs in at 6.4kg and is roughly the size of a PlayStation 5, turning on and starting up.

The acrylic cover on top of the console seen in the video is fixed with a magnet, so that you can remove it to change the disc inside. It cost him approximately 50,000 yen (£355) to build.

A lot of fans were curious to know if the user meant to sell his portable PS4 station. Though he has no plans to sell it, he did inform that if they were to put a price on the console it would set a buyer back roughly 150,000 yen (£1,066).

You can charge the console using an adapter that can be plugged into the mains or a laptop, has a play time of roughly one hour.

DX Terraria is planning to design a portable PlayStation 5 console as well! Fans are looking forward to seeing what comes up next!