Japanese Artist Turns Bread Slices Into Short-Lived Works Of Art

It is safe to say that no one makes toast better than Manami Sasaki, who raised the bars when it comes to breakfast. With vegetables, fruits, sauces, and spreads, the Japanese artist and designer turns slices of bread into beautiful pieces of art.

bread slice

The artist developed her edible creations during the lockdown, so as to not be lazy anymore. She’s passionate about the taste of her toasts, but now also about the visuals through her edible artwork creations. Truth be told, as creative and colorful as her breakfasts are, it would make the most beautiful brunches look truly dull in comparison.

The berries are placed meticulously on this bread slice.

berry bread toast
fruit bread slice
lady art bread
cat character bread

This cucumber bread slice creation is so detailed and intricate.

cucumber toast
comic art bread

Picasso’s got nothing on this bread creation.

flowery art bread slice
japanese lady toast

Image Source – Manami Sasaki

As delicious as these bread slices look, it’s a shame that they have to be eaten, no?

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